Sanleng Technology Group is committed to creating an investment entity based on high-tech emerging strategic industries, and actively exploring new social hotspots, new needs, and new markets, mainly makes equity investment and industrial investment in high-tech industries such as the Internet of Things, industrial safety, high-end machinery manufacturing, biomedicine, new energy, and environmental protection.

As the vice chairman unit of ZVCA, Sanleng Technology Group has rich investment experience and brilliant record. The Group’s investment department is composed of a team of highly specialized and experienced investment managers. They have rich experience in successful operation of equity investment, industrial investment, capital operation, financial services, corporate mergers and acquisitions and reorganization. The outstanding performance has won the reputation and reputation of the industry. trust.

At present, the group has successfully invested in more than 20 companies, among which four companies, Chenan Technology, Gosuncn, Houpu, and Doublestar New Materials, have successfully listed.

The group adheres to the talent-based, market-oriented, innovation-driven, brand management as the core, capital operation as the means, adhering to the concept of "win-win, common growth", and is committed to being influential in the investment field. Investment, management, operator!

Industrial Park Planning and Investment

The "industrial park" is an important spatial form for performing urban industrial functions. The park plays an active role in radiation, demonstration and driving force in improving the regional investment environment, attracting foreign capital, promoting industrial structure adjustment and economic development, becoming a booster for the city’s economic take-off.

Sanleng Technology has rich experience in industrial park investment and construction, providing customers with professional industrial planning, park development planning, investment (investment) planning, park construction, park operation, and investment and financing services.

Service targets: government departments at all levels such as cities, counties, districts, towns, and neighborhoods; high-tech zones, economic development zones and other parks; industrial real estate development and operators;

Service content: "Industrial planning + investment construction + industrial resource introduction + investment promotion" integrated service;

Service features: Integrate planning and investment promotion, so that planning can be changed into a plan, with operability and landing;

Park Planning

◆Industry chain design

The industrial chain involves the establishment of the industrial chain in the region, determining the core and extension links of the industrial chain, research on key projects, and the design of key supporting systems for the industrial chain.

◆Operation chain design

The operation chain involves the development strategy, investment and construction mode, industry introduction, industry support, public services and other content in the area.

◆Supply Chain Design

On the one hand, determine the investment and financing model to accelerate the development and construction of the park; on the other hand, determine the target customer group, formulate appropriate inducement plans, and use efficient strategies to attract enterprises and merchants to operate. The main content includes investment and financing planning, investment policy planning, investment strategy planning, theme investment planning and investment activity planning.

◆Carrier chain design

The carrier chain involves all kinds of infrastructure and standardized factory buildings, industrial complexes, office buildings, independent factories and other property carriers that constitute the area, and it is mainly the content of spatial planning.

Investment and operation

The types of parks we focus on planning and investment include (but not limited to)