The cross-border trade industry is the integration and upgrading of a typical industrial structure that is point-to-face. It uses cross-border e-commerce as the fulcrum, imports and exports trade as the content, and the bonded model as the basis to integrate upstream and downstream resources, forms a multi-format and all-round industrial ecological chain from production and processing, domestic and overseas procurement, warehousing and logistics, display transactions, channel wholesale, business incubation, and commercial operations.

Sanleng Technology Group actively explores and innovates new models of cross-border trade industries and international technical services, and makes full use of new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things, as well as large platform construction capabilities and rich operational service capabilities, gives cities a new development model for cross-border trade.

Sanleng is committed to building a comprehensive service platform for Internet + foreign trade with a good corporate experience, and building a comprehensive integration of domestic and foreign cross-border trade interconnection with "smart city platform + One Belt One Road technical service plan + supply chain finance + Internet of Things + cultural complex" Industrial ecosystem.

Show transaction

It will showcase the planning, investment promotion, operation and database construction of the trading center, as well as the construction of a global sourcing center. On the basis of the trading center, it will integrate integrated services and cross-border operation platforms within the trading center, and externally connect overseas trading centers and commercial markets.

Credit certification

Since the General Administration of Customs implemented the "Interim Measures of the People’s Republic of China Customs Enterprise Credit Management" on December 1, 2014, Sanleng Group has started the AEO credit certification project. The project team includes senior customs experts with more than ten years of experience, classification experts and professionals with trade compliance, finance, auditing, and legal backgrounds in different industries.

We are committed to the whole process of counseling for AEO certification and provide feasible solutions according to the actual business requirements of the company to improve the management level of the company.

Sanleng Foreign Trade Comprehensive Service Platform

Warehouse Logistics

Cross-Trade Island unites many high-quality third-party logistics providers to provide professional, fast and safe logistics supporting services for users and enterprises

Financial Services

◆ Export tax rebate advancement

The user entrusts our company to declare the export, and advance the export tax rebate to the user within three working days after the documents are complete, so as to solve the problem of the user's difficulty in capital turnover due to the long period of applying for the export tax rebate.

◆ Credit Insurance

When domestic users conduct credit sales with overseas buyers, we provide a package of services such as overseas buyer credit investigation, CITIC Insurance insuring, and trade advancement.

◆ L/C advance

Professional review, document preparation, presentation, negotiation, the issuing bank advances the payment for the goods corresponding to the letter of credit after acceptance, and provides users with a one-stop solution for the letter of credit.

Cross-border e-commerce

The B2B platform for imported goods adopts a brand-new model of B2B+ technology to provide superior import and export source products and software services for B2B circles, enterprise transformation and entrepreneurship, national innovation and foreign-related import and export enterprises.