The water rescue remote-controlled flying wing can be thrown from a ship, ashore, or an airplane. It has the functions of intelligently correcting the course and automatically returning when the connection is lost. It can travel in a straight line without interference from external forces, and can travel on both sides. It can turn steadily in the waves and travel against wind and waves. It can drag a lifebuoy or a water stretcher, etc. The water rescue remote-controlled flying wing can drag 3-4 people who fall into the water at the same time. The people who fall into the water can grab the handles on both sides of it, and the rescuers can quickly rescue the people who fell into the water through the remote control in a safe area. In the safe area, 3-4 people can be pulled back without being dragged manually by a floating rope, which can truly be rescued quickly, safely and effectively.


Product parameter

1. Product structure: The structure of the water remote control life-saving device is a symmetrical structure. The outside is made of Kevlar and FRP composite materials, and the inside is filled with waterproof and flame-retardant foam materials, which is light and has buoyancy. The shell is wear-resistant and impact-resistant, with rounded edges, so there is no safety hazard.

2. Start-up time for use: one power switch, one remote control switch, and the two switches can be quickly put into use within 5 seconds.

3. Working temperature: 0℃ to 50℃; storage temperature: -20℃ to 50℃

4. Remote control operation on shore, no need for rescuers to go into the water for rescue

Performance parameters:

● No-load speed ≥ 21km/h, manned speed ≥ 7km/h

● Power (KW) ≥ 1.2KW for a single motor (dual motors)

● Remote control distance (m) ≥800m

● Effective buoyancy (kg) ≥40 kg

● Drag force (kg) ≥230 kg

● Drive power: 2 lithium polymer rechargeable batteries

● Continuous working time (minutes) for each rechargeable battery ≥45 minutes

● Battery fast charging time (minutes): ≤3 hours

● Driving device: Double propellers are used to drive, the propellers are equipped with a safety protection cover, and the gap of the protection cover is less than or equal to 5mm

● Weight with battery (kg) <13.5 kg. Single-soldier portable design, one person to carry and operate

● Machine size: 103×63×20 cm

● Number of handles: There are 2 handles on the front of the fuselage, and one cross handle is connected to the middle of the fuselage. The cross handle needs to be integrated with the device itself.

● One-key return home function, return home to the starting position ≤ 2 meters

● Automatic return to home function when the signal is lost, and the signal will automatically return to the starting position ≤ 2 meters. GPS positioning is accurate to 2 meters.

● Reverse gear function, in a narrow space or when you need to adjust the heading, you can slowly reverse the heading to adjust the heading, and you can go straight backwards when you go backwards, or you can turn while going backwards.

● The reverse gear speed can be controlled and selected according to the rescue situation, and the heading can be adjusted by turning around 180 degrees

● The remote control requires both hands to control power and direction to operate different joysticks respectively

● Control, the remote control has a screen to display the battery power of the host and the battery

● The host battery has a built-in protection board with overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent and short circuit protection

● The front and back sides are used for normal power, and there is no high-altitude launch that causes rollover and cannot be used