The mobile barracks is a highly integrated folding mobile house made of aluminum alloy materials. The project research and development process is simplified, and the production can be quickly batched; efficient retracting, without the aid of mechanical equipment, only 2-3 adults can complete the folding and retracting with bare hands in 5 minutes; worry-free after-sales, low maintenance cost, The product can be recycled and has a long service life. There is no need for secondary decoration, and the necessary living facilities have been highly integrated, realizing the real baggage check-in. The mobile barracks use aluminum structure, which has the advantages of light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance. It has a high compression ratio of 1:8 and can be recycled to greatly reduce application costs in transportation, storage, and installation.


Product advantages


The house adopts aluminum alloy through-length hinge system, which is beautiful, sturdy, and durable when the bridge is broken


The outer frame body has a broken bridge aluminum alloy structure, and the wall adopts aluminum plate + insulation board, which is light, environmentally friendly and corrosion-resistant.


The interior can be integrated with toilets, thermostats, projectors, beds and other facilities


Waterproof structure + silicone leather strip treatment, good water tightness and air tightness


No mechanical equipment is required, and the on-site deployment can be completed by two people in five minutes, including internal facilities

Transport and storage

The structure is folded to make full use of space, the compression ratio of the same size is 1:8, and the size can be customized

Product application market

Army camps: warfare, peacekeeping, outposts, forest firefighting, etc.;

Development and accommodation: resource development such as petroleum and petrochemical, mining, and exploration;

Camping base: desert hotels, seaside residences, interiors of scenic spots, etc.;

Infrastructure accommodation: construction sites, road construction, etc.;

Events and events: sports venues, large festivals, etc.

Post-disaster resettlement: earthquake, tsunami, refugee camp, etc.