Sanleng trolley type high-pressure water mist fire extinguishing device consists of frame, wheels, push handle, water foam tank, water mist fire pump (referred to as motor pump), and water adding mechanism. The motorized pump system can realize the conversion between fine water mist and DC through the spray gun, and is equipped with a convenient low-voltage protection intelligent automatic foam mixing system. It has reasonable structure, advanced technology, high reliability, convenient use and maintenance, and can effectively and timely extinguish larger Class A, Class B, and Class C fires. It is suitable for initial fires with small spaces and inconvenient deployment of large and medium-sized fire fighting vehicles, such as highways to extinguish vehicle fires; large-scale event sites and commercial distribution centers; tourist attractions, cultural relics, ancient buildings; various important warehouses, oil storage, confidential rooms, etc.


Technology Highlights  

The integrated control panel, one-button operation start, and automatic throttle control device make the equipment easier to operate. It is easy to use, mobile and flexible, and one person can complete the fire extinguishing operation;

The whole body is 304L stainless steel frame. The surface of the water tank of the whole set of equipment adopts the car paint process, which is suitable for the equipment to work in the working environment, safe, reliable and durable;

Water and foam, two kinds of fire extinguishing media, double guarantee, environmental protection and high efficiency;

Equipped with 65 fire hydrant water replenishment buckle, which can be connected to an external water source to achieve long-term fire fighting; large-size pneumatic tires ensure that the equipment moves more smoothly and quickly on poor roads;

The rotatable high-performance spray gun can realize the rapid conversion of the three modes of spraying water mist, water mist and foam mixture, and can realize high-intensity fire extinguishing. The fire extinguishing levels are 20A4 and 297B (with foaming agent)

After the high-strength high-pressure hose is matched with refractory materials, the refractory layer can burn on the surface and can withstand the burst pressure ≤80MPa;

The whole machine is equipped with automatic shutdown protection device for lack of oil and automatic charging device.