The electric knapsack water-based fire extinguisher is a device that uses aviation lithium batteries as the power source and drives the high-pressure water pump by a motor to spray the water-based fire extinguishing agent from a special water gun to extinguish the fire. Its structure is scientific, the appearance is novel, the configuration is reasonable, the function is advanced, and it is light and flexible. It has the characteristics of convenient carrying, comfortable carrying, simple operation, efficient fire fighting, safe and reliable, intelligent and practical.

Equipped with a self-developed high-efficiency and environmentally-friendly special fire extinguishing agent, which has passed the compulsory certification of the Fire Product Conformity Assessment Center of the Ministry of Public Security.


Principles of Fire Fighting

The fire extinguishing agent is sprayed to the fired object through the high-pressure water gun, and the fired object is instantly cooled and suffocated due to lack of oxygen, covering and isolating, and inhibiting the blocking effect. After the fire is extinguished, the fired object will never reignite.

Product Features  

Decontamination function

Cleaning function

Fertilization and pesticide application

Fire extinguishing function


1. Efficient fire fighting

◎ The fire extinguishing agent can be sprayed quickly, fully and effectively to the fire, which can extinguish the fire instantly;

◎ The fire extinguisher can be filled with 20 liters of extinguishing agent and can spray 200 liters continuously;

◎ The fire extinguishing level exceeds 6A, 144B, and the fired objects will not reignite after the fire is extinguished.

2. Easy to carry

The fire extinguisher adopts the backpack type, and the hands can move freely after carrying it.

3. Safe and reliable

The double-layer structure is firm and reliable. The fire extinguisher is under normal pressure, no leakage or volatilization; the fire extinguishing agent is non-toxic and non-polluting.

4. Smart and practical

◎ The electromechanical system adopts high-end and reliable control technology to make the operation simple and stable;

◎ Timely broadcast and variable broadcast of extinguishing agent level, battery power, ambient temperature and other data;

◎ If the user is in shock, the alarm can be issued in time when the user is still for 30 seconds.

Scope of application

It can be widely used to extinguish class A and B fires. It can be used as individual equipment for firefighting and civil firefighting. It is a necessary fire extinguishing equipment for high-rise buildings, public places, chemical plants, vehicles and ships, cultural relics protection units, miniature fire trucks, miniature fire stations and other places. It is especially suitable for fire scenes that are difficult to reach by fire education aid. It is used as security for large-scale events, oil depots, and gas stations. , boat moorings, temples are particularly suitable.