Sanleng electricity safety intelligent management system is the use of high-tech such as Internet of things, big data, cloud computing, Internet, etc., through real-time monitoring of user cable temperature,current, residual current, resistance, etc., through intelligent sensing terminal equipment, through intelligent control equipment, to achieve safety precautions for power supply use, and functions such as fault warning, handheld operation and maintenance, electrical safety operation assessment, and prevention of electric shock accidents.


Product parameters   
1. Rated working voltage: AC 380V/220V, frequency: 50HZ~60HZ; 2. Power distribution capacity: 1KVA~40KVA (more than 6KVA needs to be customized);
3. Control human body electric shock withstand current less than 10mA;
4. Metal grounding: leakage current is less than 30mA;
5. The resistance of the resistor at the input and output lines is less than 2Ω;
6. Power frequency withstand voltage between the outer casing and the main circuit: not less than 1.5KV/1min;
7. Insulation resistance between the outer casing and the main circuit: not less than 1.5MΩ;
8. The altitude is less than 3000m;
9. Operating environment temperature -20 ° C -50 ° C, ambient humidity is less than 80%.
Working principle   
1.Analyze the attribute characteristics of the leakage and store it in the chip;
2.Once the corresponding feature appears in the power line, the filter coil is started synchronously;
3. At the same time, the identification and alarm system is activated, and the chip processing system allows the inner closed loop (normal power line) to continue to supply power, and the outer closed loop (leakage line) to block;
4. The leakage current at the plugging point is lower than 30mA, and the voltage is lower than 36V, so the electric shock does not hurt people, and the electric shock does not ignite.


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System Features   
1.Centralized management: centralized monitoring and management of platform, real-time push of alarm messages.
2.Remote control: remotely set monitor parameters, control on/off, reset, etc.
3.Historical data analysis: historical data query and analysis, tailored and optimized for customers.
4.Fault location: Monitor all electrical circuits and locate fault information directly.
Electric Safety Intelligence  Monitor   
Real-time monitoring: voltage monitoring, current monitoring, power monitoring, residual current monitoring and temperature monitoring;
Parameter customization: output current, power, leakage current value, alarm value can be set according to site conditions;
Wireless networking: The product has remote wireless network monitoring alarm function.
 Core functions    
Electric shock protection: When the human body touches the 380/220V power supply network in a single phase, the current through the human body is lower than the specified safe current 10mA, and people can get rid of the power supply without causing casualties.
Short-circuit protection: When the single-phase line is short-circuited in the power grid, it will not cause power failure of the power grid, ensuring continuous, safe and reliable power supply.
Leakage protection: When the power supply network is single-phase metallic ground short-circuit, the grounding short-circuit current is less than 30mA, and the energy-saving effect is 99%.
Overload protection: When the current is overloaded due to short circuit or other reasons in the power grid, the current distributed to each electrical circuit is automatically controlled to protect the equipment from damage.
Over-voltage protection: Through the intelligent power control technology, the power grid is stabilized, and the voltage is too high/low, and the power is cut off intelligently.
Aging line protection: 380/220V power supply network will not cause arc spark when single-phase metallic grounding is short-circuited, effectively avoiding electrical fire accidents.
Waterproof protection: When the power grid seeps water and causes a short circuit, the system intelligently controls, continuously, no electricity, no leakage.
Fault alarm: When the grid is faulty, it can intelligently detect the fault type, fault location, automatic alarm, and remote control, and turn off the power.
 Compared with traditional methods    
Traditional safe electricity protection methods: need response time (first hurt and then respond), need to power off (affecting production and life);
Sanleng electricity safety intelligent control system protection: no need of response time (no damage at the beginning), no need to power off (does not affect production and life).
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