Sanleng adopts information technology and applies advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data to build a new integrated intelligent fire hydrant, or intelligently upgrade the existing outdoor traditional fire hydrant and access the intelligent fire hydrant monitoring system platform.

Realize real-time coalition control acquisition of outdoor fire hydrant information status, which is convenient for the fire rescue command organization to acquire accurate information and management and maintenance units to maintain timely. Solve the maintenance, management, and use problems of outdoor fire hydrants, and protect the "life-saving water" of fire fighting.




● Water pressure monitoring

According to the management and usage conditions, the water pressure alarm value is set so that the user can grasp the water pressure situation in real time.

● Open and close monitoring

When the fire hydrant is opened, the opening time and closing time of the fire hydrant are automatically recorded, and the information is synchronously sent to the platform, and the illegal water use information is sent to the management personnel by SMS, App notification, etc., so that the inspection team can stop and deal with it in time.

● Leakage monitoring

When damage occurs and water leakage occurs, an alarm message will be sent to the platform immediately and recorded, and relevant personnel will be reminded.

● Monitoring of stagnant water

Identify whether there is water accumulation in the fire hydrant and issue a corresponding alarm to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the fire hydrant.

● Intelligent inspection

Offline download tasks, if the inspection is not carried out within the specified time, the system platform will automatically report to form a closed-loop processing; scan the QR code on the label to complete the inspection.

● Tilt monitoring

When the fire hydrant is hit and tilted or even knocked down, it will immediately send alarm information, geographic information, etc., so that repair personnel can find the situation in time and rush to the scene for treatment.

● Quickly locate fire hydrant

In the event of a fire, the dispatching commander will make reasonable dispatch based on the distribution and availability of fire hydrants, and scientifically formulate water replenishment plans. When the on-site water source is insufficient, firefighters can quickly find available fire hydrants around them through the mobile phone APP or tablet, and navigate to them with one click Destination, to achieve rapid water replenishment, efficient fire fighting, and reduce fire losses.


Product advantages

Improve maintenance management efficiency

◎ Mandatory troubleshooting;

◎ Deal with exceptions in time;

◎ Instant reminder of alarm information;

◎ Quick and accurate positioning of points.

Reduce work intensity

◎ Intelligent inspection;

◎ Automatic acquisition of status data;

◎ Automatic statistical reports;

◎ 24-hour real-time monitoring.

Reduce labor costs

◎ Combination of intelligent, automated control and manual control.

Energy saving and anti-theft

◎ Anti-theft, anti-leakage and save water resources.