The miniature emergency booth is an intelligent metal cabinet covering an area of about 1 square meter. It is equippedwith an automatic external defibrillator and a multifunctional first aid kit, as well as fire emergency rescue equipment. After scanning the QR code, user can open it. The first aid kit contains tools for debridement, dressing, and hemostasis required for general trauma. The external defibrillator is the only effective first-aid device for cardiac arrest. Non-professionals can also use it according to the voice prompts. The cardioid cardiac arrest patients will be rescued for 4 minutes in the most valuable timing. Fire emergency rescue equipment includes fire extinguishers, water hoses, fire shovel, firefighting bombs, fire rescue kits, etc., and can quickly use firefighting equipment to eliminate fires in case of emergency.网站7-2.jpgThe public can install the terminal APP through the emergency public account, and click on the “mini emergency station” near the emergency case site to effectively improve the emergency rescue efficiency.