The intelligent emergency cabinet can be used for the storage, management and use of emergency materials. When emergency accidents are discovered, emergency materials are used for rescue, reducing the probability of accidents, quickly solving problems and reducing losses. It can realize functions such as intelligent access, remote real-time management, and one-click call for help. The storage materials are flexible and diverse, and should respond to fire/response assistance/social services and other scenarios.
The emergency cabinet can store medical emergency supplies such as first aid kits, stretchers, respirators,defibrillators, firefighting equipment such as fire extinguishers, firefighting suits, water guns and hoses, and other public safety emergency equipment such as isolation belts, explosion-proof shields and electric batons.In the public safety area of traffic, the goal of early detection, early elimination, early control, and early safety of acute accidents is achieved.网站1.jpg Product features     
Emergency guidance
Early disposal
1) Rescue mode guidance (smart customized rescue plan, automatically check the nearest rescue personnel,intelligently formulate the optimal rescue route, provide the location and route of the required relief materials)
2) Rescue equipment use guide (with tutorials and labels, guide rescue correctly use of related materials)
3) Popularization of rescue knowledge (large screen and mobile phone)