The mobile modular fire station is an emergency management grid unit that aims to build an emergency management micro-circulation network and a smart firefighting “neuron” to create rescue, supervision, prevention, control, management and publicity.
The mobile modular fire station has the characteristics of modularity, small footprint, short construction period, high reliability, long-lasting durability, etc. It can be moved and assembled according to the site conditions at any time, which is to alleviate the shortage of land and ensure insufficient coverage.
Product Advantages     
● Excellent structural mechanical properties, seismic capacity: 8 grade, windproof performance: 12.
● Each module has a complete independent structure, and the outer dimensions meet provincial road transport requirements.
● It can be repeatedly assembled according to different site conditions, energy saving,
environmental protection, and reduce 90% of traditional construction waste.
● The floor space is very small, and the site selection of the construction site is adaptable. Generally, the appropriate address can be selected next to the existing key prevention and control units.
● The production cycle is short and the project cycle is only 3 months.
● Beautiful appearance, enhance the image of the city.
● The design is reasonable, the firefighter's spare room is only 10 meters away from the garage. After testing, the speed of the car is more than 30 seconds faster than the traditional building.
Six Functions     
Modular firefighting duty support equipment (modular fire station) is not subject to cumbersome procedures such as land approval report planning, and the site selection is fast and landing is fast;
The location of this product can meet the requirements of firefighting "5 minutes to reach the fire site";
Industrial production cycle is short and construction speed is fast.
The set box and the mounting body are assembled by standard parts,which are detachable and easy to move;Muti-function module for easy connection.
Reasonable design and ergonomics,Maximize the use of space and occupy a small footprint.
It is equipped with a duty function module such as a garage and a communication room;
It is equipped with a life support module such as a firefighter's work room, kitchen, gym, activity room, etc.
Equipped with a unified bulletin board, humanized reminder stickers, which is conducive to publicity and promotion.
Green construction process, low dust, low noise pollution,
No impact on the living environment of the surrounding people;
Good insulation and sound insulation, saving energy;
Modular, integrated, industrial production, low carbon and environmentally friendly.
Safe structure, strong wind and earthquake resistance;
Internal material, comfortable and beautiful, non-slip, durable andeasy to clean.
Mobile modular double parking space fire station     
● Small footprint, only 15x16 meters, effective use of building area: 650m2
● 90 days from the time of selection to the total stay. Compared to traditional civil engineering fire stations, it can save about 3/4 of the construction time. And provide duty function module, office learning module, life support.... module, basically meet the requirements of small fire station construction standards.
● The appearance logo is prominent and the internal environment is comfortable and convenient. Unique design and
distinctive appearance. After landing, it will become a beautiful city landscape.
● The preparation of new fire stations has improved the ability of regional disaster prevention and mitigation and rescue.
     Mobile modular muti-car park fire station