Sanleng intelligent waste storage cabinet is specially used for the temporary centralized storage of various laboratory wastes, reducing the fire, explosion and explosion caused by the flammable, explosive, and toxic exhaust gas, waste liquid, and solid waste in the laboratory. Risk of leakage of toxic and hazardous chemicals, so that special disposal can be carried out later.



1. It can be customized according to needs, and the size is flexible;

2. Explosion-proof, anti-collision, anti-leakage, anti-corrosion, lightning protection, fire prevention, anti-static; constant temperature, constant humidity, slight positive pressure, automatic fire extinguishing device;

3. Intelligent management, high degree of automation: central centralized control, simple operation, fully automatic operation, no special person on duty;

4. Automatic protection: automatic water leakage or electric leakage protection function, high and low voltage automatic protection function, electrical equipment overload protection function, electrical circuit overload protection function, etc.;

5. Automatic alarm: VOC indicator unqualified alarm, temperature and humidity display alarm, flammable gas leakage automatic alarm, overload and other abnormal state automatic protection, automatic fault alarm;

6. Low operating cost: low power, low energy consumption; stable operation, fewer failures, low maintenance costs, and no special management fees;

7. Environmentally friendly: using dual silent motors and electrical components, low noise; closed treatment throughout, no peculiar smell, no leakage, and no secondary pollution to the environment such as waste residue, waste water, and exhaust gas.

Application scenario

Colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, testing institutions, disease control and medical care, environmental quality inspection, water and water conservancy, commodity inspection, factories and mining enterprises, etc.