The clean gas intelligent storage cabinet for hazardous chemicals is specially designed for the storage of hazardous chemicals and is suitable for various fields and types of chemicals. The product has the functions of ventilation, purification, anti-theft, moisture-proof, intelligent management, etc. It can store most of the chemicals used in the laboratory, purify the harmful gas in the cabinet, and is efficient and environmentally friendly.



System Features

●Realize access control for access to hazardous chemicals, double face recognition to open the door, use authorization management, support ID card, fingerprint password to open the door, and improve the transparency of personnel management.

●Using the Internet of Things and Internet technology to intelligently manage hazardous chemicals, and real-time monitoring of the environment in the cabinet (VOC, temperature, humidity) to ensure safe use.

●Intelligent weighing of hazardous chemicals, alarm for misplacement and leakage, alarm for unclosed doors, automatic reminder for out of stock, automatic alarm for storage abnormalities, reducing the management burden of staff.

●Automated and intelligent management, panoramic camera, remote real-time data synchronization, real-time control of the on-site environment.

●Hazardous chemicals management realizes one item, one code, whole-process visualization and full-process traceability management, realizes accurate inventory and usage management, and avoids usage errors.

●Realize the automatic perception of dangerous chemicals deposit and withdrawal, automatic inventory, automatic ledger, local and remote cloud platform data synchronization.

Applicable scene   

Can be applied to schools, enterprises, hospitals, scientific research institutions, etc.