The intelligent early-warning management system for fire passage violations intelligently monitors the occupancy of the fire passage, and promptly warns when problems are found, so as to avoid irreparable losses due to delays in the event of a fire.


◎ All-weather real-time monitoring and alarm reminder

For the fire passage, set the focus area. When a vehicle illegally stops/debris blocking the fire passage, it will automatically send out an audible alarm and a white light alarm, and push the alarm information to the mobile phone APP for timely detection and processing.

◎ Intelligent supervision reduces manpower input

Replacing thought management with smart technology eliminates the need to invest additional manpower and full-time management, which can reduce manpower investment by more than 30%.

◎ Remote monitoring

The administrator can use the fragmented time to view the live video anytime and anywhere with the mobile APP, saving worry and effort.

◎ Support quick review

After detecting the parking alarm event in the fire passage area, the center supports real-time reception and automatically pops up the window, which can quickly check the parking event and facilitate the management staff to make timely handling measures.