The intelligent management and control system for battery bicycle forbidden to enter the elevator can realize the identification and alarm of electric bicycle, and achieve the effect of preventing electric bicycle from entering the elevator and preventing electric bicycle from entering the corridor to cause fire.


◎ AI recognition

Load intelligent algorithms to automatically recognize electric vehicles, bicycles, baby strollers, etc., with a recognition accuracy rate of up to 94%;

◎ Sound and light alarm, remote intercom

After the battery bicycle enters, the white light of the camera flashes for warning, and the voice warning is linked (the warning voice can be customized);

When there is an electric car that does not leave, the control room can immediately initiate a remote intercom to remind the relevant personnel; intelligent advice, reduce the staff on-site dissuasion, and improve the harmony of the neighborhood.

◎ Remote alarm elimination, retrospective afterwards

The security can clear the emergency false alarm through the back end of the control room; afterwards, the relevant pictures or videos can be quickly retrieved according to the channel, video type, time, etc.;

Remote alarm elimination, improve management efficiency; quick follow-up after the event, improve work efficiency.