"God Eye" visual AI fire monitoring and early warning system is based on intelligent video analysis, by using 5G + artificial intelligence + edge computing and other high-tech, to realize intelligent identification of fire and smoke in the monitoring area, together with real-time analysis and alarm. Without relying on other sensing devices, the smoke and flames in the video surveillance area can be directly and accurately identified in time.

It has the functions of automatic scanning, automatic identification, automatic alarm, and automatic positioning. Through intelligent identification of the system, it sends an alarm signal to the back-end monitoring center in real-time when the fire is found, and at the same time, it will accurately locate the location of the fire on the map. Once the fire is confirmed, Decision makers can conduct fire fighting consultations and formulate detailed fire fighting plans through video tracking, resource query, fire deduction, plan management and other functions to achieve the goal of quickly extinguishing fires.

The system can assist the management personnel to make real-time analysis of the flame in the monitoring area 24 hours and give an alarm in time, minimize false alarms and underreporting, and reduce the loss of life and property caused by fires, which is a powerful tool for people to fight fires.

System Function Features

Fast detection speed

Using advanced image pattern recognition technology, it can quickly identify flames or smoke within 5 seconds of the appearance of the fire image, and send out a fire alarm signal at the same time. The detection speed is much faster than conventional fire detectors.

Strong anti-interference ability

The system can resist the interference of various light sources such as strong light, weak light, and flash in the monitoring environment, eliminates man-made and scene interference in different environments. It is not affected by airflow and distance, and has a strong anti-interference ability。

Precise positioning

It has real-time analysis of the intensity, shape, location and other information in the video image, and can store fire pictures. It can help firefighters judge the fire point and the cause of the fire, accurately find the fire location, and take effective measures to extinguish the fire.

Simultaneous recognition of smoke and flame

Using advanced image pattern recognition technology, it can simultaneously detect flames and smoke in the monitoring area and send out corresponding alarm signals. Whether it is smoldering smoke or obvious flames, it can be quickly identified and alarmed quickly.

Strong applicability

For more than 90% of various types of video surveillance systems currently on the market, a variety of corresponding software interfaces have been developed. The loading method is simple, the operation is convenient, and it has wide applicability and compatibility.

System Features

Fast response: 200+ channels of video simultaneous processing; real-time alarm; and the average response time in various environments is within 5 seconds.

Precise identification: Can identify long-distance, small flames, thin smoke

High precision: Detection algorithm based on deep neural network

The recognition accuracy rate of extremely small flame area reaches 99.5%;

Real-time intelligent detection of multi-form smoke, such as thin smoke/dense smoke/diffuse smoke

System platform


Camera real-time monitoring interface -- Realize split-screen display of real-time monitoring pictures from monitored buildings

Recognizable smoke

Equipment management

Widely applicable

Based on visual signal analysis, suitable for various scenarios

It can be widely used in forests, residential buildings, office spaces, cultural museums, hospitals, rail transit, tobacco production and storage, road tunnels, logistics storage centers, power plants and power distribution facilities, telecommunications machine rooms, petrochemical enterprises, gas stations, airports, and commerce tall spaces, such as squares and gymnasiums.