Sky-Eye high-rise littering intelligent tracking system, connected to the community monitoring equipment through Ultrain, which can intelligently detect high-rise littering and emergency fire incidents. When the system detects high-rise littering or fire incidents, it will immediately generate alarm information and use the computer or mobile The terminal equipment notifies the relevant personnel to go to the scene in time for processing. The system can work continuously for 24 hours without interruption, and uses intelligent anti-interference technology to effectively filter trees/birds/clouds/wind/rain/snow weather/vibration and other factors, greatly improving the accuracy of recognition.



● The front end uses a 4K HD fixed-focus camera to capture images of high-rise littering intelligent events.

● The central transmission transmits the signal stably to the back-end video recorder through the switch.

● The center adopts high-rise littering intelligent tracking Ultrain, real-time monitoring of the whole process of throwing and casting records, implementation of tracking, and real-time alarm.

● Real-time alarm information is pushed to the smart community management platform through the network, and the property management staff receives the alarm information via mobile phone text messages and the WeChat platform which allows quick check for the details and helps to quickly determines the responsibility.


◎ 4K Ultra HD technology

Using 4K ultra-high-definition fixed-focus camera, the image is clear, real-time traceability and post-tracing are double guarantees, and the real-time monitoring picture is clearer.

◎  High-rise Littering Intelligent Tracking Ultrain

Aiming at the high-rise littering intelligent real-time alarm function, the AI algorithm is adapted to this scene, so as to realize real-time detection of high-rise littering events, and report the alarm to the management center.

◎ Clear and intelligent monitoring of the whole process of parabola

Intelligent monitoring, narrow the scope, and confirm the responsible party. Real-time monitoring of the whole process of parabola through 800W camera.

◎ Large aperture, special lens

With a special lens, the effects can be recorded clearly at night.