Smart education refers to the in-depth use of modern information technology in the education field (education management, education teaching, and education research) to promote educational reform and development, integrate educational information resources, establish educational management public service platforms, educational resource management platforms, and educational informatization communities, and gradually realize the modernization of educational methods and the informatization of educational resources.

Smart learning service platform

Learning analysis system, question bank diagnosis system, student growth file, online examination system, network marking system, other learning systems

Educational Information Service Platform

Lesson preparation resource center, personal data space, resource import at all levels, test paper resource center, resource management center, and other resource docking

Home-School Interactive Platform

Arrival and departure notice, homework information, student performance at school, other home-school interactions

Education Management Service Platform

Collaborative office system, student management system, teacher development system, asset management system, educational management system, examination management system, education evaluation system, other management systems

Education big data platform

Data collection and exchange, education basic database, data interface service, big data analysis application