The Sanleng Smart Medical Platform is a comprehensive application of technologies such as the Internet of Things, mobile communications, cloud computing, and big data, integrating medical infrastructure and IT infrastructure, with a "medical data center" as the core, and transcending the time and space constraints of the original medical system, and makes intelligent decision-making on this basis to realize a medical management system that optimizes medical services. It integrates individuals, equipment, and institutions into a whole, closely connecting patients, medical staff, insurance companies, and researchers, to achieve business synergy, and increase the triple benefits of society, institutions, and individuals. At the same time, medical services such as remote registration, online consultation, and online payment are pushed to everyone's hands through technologies such as mobile communication and mobile Internet to alleviate the problem of "difficult medical treatment".


◇ In-hospital information integration platform

Connect the data of various information systems in the hospital and converge to the integrated platform;

Provide data support for hospital scientific research, drug analysis, business process, and data value mining.

◇ Telemedicine in primary hospitals

Primary hospitals will aggregate clinical data into an integrated platform in real time;

Based on real-time clinical data, the upper and lower hospitals collaborate to improve medical standards.

◇ Medical consortium medical collaboration and two-way referral platform

Establish a medical consortium with major hospitals as the center;

Large hospitals support grassroots hospitals and at the same time realize easy referral of difficult diseases.

◇ Smart medical platform

Low-cost construction of local smart medical platform;

Government franchise, operating medical big data;

Hierarchical diagnosis and treatment platform.

Health all-in-one machine

The health all-in-one machine is based on the technology of the Internet of Things and the Internet. It integrates health sensing devices such as electrocardiograph, hematuria biochemical meter, sphygmomanometer, oximeter, and thermometer. The human body detection data is input to the host computer and cloud platform database through wireless transmission for comprehensive analysis and processing.

Product Features

This product has the function of measuring blood pressure, body temperature, blood oxygen saturation, blood sugar, uric acid, total cholesterol, ECG, heart rate, pulse rate and other parameters, optional functions such as urinalysis, B-ultrasound, blood lipids, hemoglobin, vital capacity, body weight, body fat and so on. The measurement device is connected to the display terminal via Bluetooth, and the measurement results are uploaded to the display terminal device in real time, and the display terminal device can be connected to the network background via WIFI.

Product advantages

◇ All the testing data of the health all-in-one machine is integrated on the health all-in-one machine, and the collected data is not allowed to be modified. All equipment has the national second-class medical equipment registration certificate to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the data.

◇ The platform automatically generates a health diagnosis report based on the test data to remind patients/doctors of precautions.

◇ ID card, RFID, WeChat and other multiple ways of identification, binding user identity at any time

◇ The health all-in-one machine is divided into two modes: online and offline. It can also be measured without a network. When there is a network, the measured data will be automatically uploaded to the health management platform.