The Sanleng Smart Agriculture Management Platform effectively integrates agricultural resources at all levels through a new generation of Internet of Things, big data, 3S and other information technology, builds "a platform (smart agricultural decision-making management platform), a center (agricultural big data trading center) and N applications (production monitoring, agricultural product safety, agricultural ecological monitoring, etc.) in a top-level design", gathers agricultural business applications and data at all levels, including agricultural industry, agricultural "two areas", Internet of Things, plant protection, agricultural machinery, animal husbandry, agricultural materials, agricultural economy, science and education, etc., to form a "big agriculture" data center, builds an interconnected and shared "Internet + agriculture" information service system to achieve scientific guidance of agricultural production and operation management, government decision-making supervision and social public services, promotes the transformation and upgrading of the agricultural industry chain through the intelligence of the production field, the difference in the business field, and the all-round information service in the service field; realizes the refinement, efficiency and greening of agriculture, and ensure the safety of agricultural products, the improvement of agricultural competitiveness and the sustainable development of agriculture.

◎ Agricultural IoT monitoring platform

Vegetable planting, livestock and poultry breeding, aquaculture, flower gardening, edible fungus planting

◎ Traceability management system

Vegetables, meat, aquatic products, poultry, dry goods, processed foods

◎ Logistics management system

Warehouse logistics environment management, warehouse management, transportation vehicle management

◎ Agriculture online shopping mall

Agricultural Comprehensive Call Center, Expert Consultation Platform, Agricultural Weibo

◎ Expert Encyclopedia

Massive pests and diseases gallery and planting technology, intelligent self-diagnosis, answering questions in one second, remote consultation, positioning and matching expert services

● Agricultural information service system (field vegetables, livestock and poultry, aquatic products, flowers, edible fungi) (agricultural networking, big data platform)

●Agricultural Comprehensive Call Center Expert Consultation Center Expert Decision Model

●Operation support platform based on "cloud computing and cloud services"

●Information transmission layer (Zigbee, GPRS, WiFi, 4G)

●Sensing layer (terminal acquisition equipment)


◎ Agricultural Internet of Things

The Internet of Agriculture (IOA) is based on the Internet of Things covering the entire industrial chain of agricultural production, supply, sales and services. It is supported by real-time, automatic and accurate data collection based on GIS, GPS and other systems. ADC) as the core support, with the help of various applications and management platforms to provide users such as governments, enterprises and the public with comprehensive agricultural information services.

◎ Featured agricultural big data exchange

Real-time search and statistics of agricultural trade transaction data, real-time market quotations of agricultural products, agricultural product logistics data, etc., related to characteristic agriculture across the country, and carry out aggregation, analysis and in-depth mining of characteristic agricultural data on this data to guide the informatization upgrade of agricultural production and sales. Promote the standardization and standardization of agricultural production

◎ Ecological cycle

Real-time monitoring, visual management and centralized display of agricultural environmental monitoring points, grasp the ecological environment, and realize abnormal early warning. Such as land condition monitoring, air and water pollution monitoring, etc.

◎ Agricultural industrialization

Integrate and analyze industrial data such as the distribution of various characteristic and advantageous industries in the region, the number of operating entities, and the annual output value of the entire industrial chain, and combine the characteristics of the natural environment to optimize industrial transformation and upgrading.

◎ Planting management

Conduct a comprehensive analysis and display of the overall development status and plant protection of the leading industries such as the total planting area, total output, industrial distribution, market conditions, and business entities.

◎ Quality and safety

The main body of agricultural production, the main body of agricultural material management and the "three products and one standard" agricultural products shall be included in the supervision, so as to realize the positive supervision and reverse traceability of agricultural products.

◎ Agricultural machinery management

Integrate agricultural machinery related business and data to provide scientific basis for agricultural machinery scheduling and decision management.

◎ Animal husbandry management

Integrate animal husbandry production, circulation, slaughter processing, and non-hazardous processing business systems to achieve resource integration, data sharing and business collaboration in the animal husbandry industry.

◎ Emergency warning

Using the Internet of Things technology, real-time understanding of the occurrence and impact of disasters or epidemics, and realize disaster warning and emergency response.