The Sanleng Smart Tourism Management Platform is a comprehensive management platform that uses modern information technology to improve the level of intelligent management of scenic spots. It includes comprehensive management of scenic spots, electronic tickets and electronic access control, portal websites and e-commerce, big data command and analysis center, and tourist services.

● For scenic spots:

Smart scenic spots refer to scenic spots that can comprehensively, thoroughly and timely perceive the geographical things, natural resources, tourist behaviors, scenic spots, infrastructure and service facilities of the scenic spots through the intelligent network, and realize visual management of tourists and scenic staff, optimizes the business process and intelligent operation and management of the re-engineered scenic spots, and form strategic alliances with upstream and downstream enterprises in the tourism industry to effectively protect the authenticity and integrity of natural resources and improve the quality of services for tourists., realizes the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the environment, society and economy of the scenic spot.

● For tourists:

As a tourist, when faced with troubles such as not being able to buy tickets, getting lost, not knowing the situation of the scenic spots, and slow information sources on the way, smart tourism's series of convenient services can quickly solve the above problems.