Under the guidance of "one center, two platforms, multiple applications, and original features", Sanleng Technology has formed two platforms centered on the park, relying on smart management and smart services, and based on a variety of new technologies such as wired, wireless, and Internet of Things, combined multi-industry application solutions to create a smart park with original features.

System Features

◎ Through the construction of the smart park, help the park establish a unified organization, management and coordination structure, business management platform, and internal and external service operation platform in terms of informatization.

◎ Establish a unified work process, coordination, scheduling and sharing mechanism, through the integration of the cloud platform, with the cloud platform as the hub, form a closely connected whole, and obtain efficient, collaborative, interactive, and overall benefits.

◎ Establish a unified emergency management and daily management, internal and external services two major management and two major service systems.