The on-board emergency kit is an emergency tool kit equipped to solve some minor accidents when the vehicle is driving, such as a puncture, a breakdown, etc.

Sanleng car emergency kit configuration list


Material: EVA plastic, odorless, non-fading; suitable for height 1.5m-1.8m.

Safety hammer (6 in one function): Including flashlight, warning light, tungsten steel head broken window safety hammer, seat belt cutter, emergency whistle,

The top magnet has 6 functions.

Battery with live wire

Emergency start by connecting other vehicle batteries when the car battery is dead

Wire diameter 6*square 0.18*number of strands 40; applicable for displacement below 2.0.

Wire diameter 8*square 0.25*number of shares 60; applicable for displacement below 2.5.

Wire diameter 10*square 0.25*number of strands 60; applicable for displacement below 3.0.

First aid medical kit

Contains 1 roll of medical tape, 1 bag of wound tape, 10 alcohol cotton pads, 1 pack of iodine sticks, 1 tourniquet, 1 tweezers, 1 roll of medical bandage, and 1 scissors.

Reflective vests

Material: Polyester mesh cloth, PVC

Reflective lattice

Color: fluorescent yellow.

Function: strong in heavy smoke or darkness

Strong reflection, easy to wear and breathable.

Cotton non-slip gloves

Cotton thread + pvc glue, 720 grams of bleached cotton yarn with blue dots;

Length ≥220mm; Model: Large; Color: White;

Function: Oil-resistant, non-slip, comfortable and wear-resistant, good cuff elasticity,

High wear resistance and good corrosion resistance.

Tow rope: 4 meters long and 5 tons load.

Electric inflation valve: emergency tire inflation.

Sanleng car emergency kit


Note: The product size is measured manually, and the size is subject to the actual product.