Rescue emergency kit (smart version) is a warning equipment that can provide early warning and enhance people’s awareness of safety and prevention before disasters occur. It is a tool to provide safe escape and avoid greater damage in the event of fires, earthquakes, and other disasters. , escape equipment that enhances the probability of survival; it is a medical equipment that can provide simple medical rescue after fires, earthquakes, and other disasters; it is a function with intelligent early warning and alarm prompts, and assists users in monitoring supplies Use period, promptly remind users to replace. Combining a powerful data platform with wireless communication technology can locate the user's geographic location, and at the same time can call for help and understand the intelligent equipment of disaster prevention and mitigation measures through the network platform. This comprehensive emergency kit (smart version) should be placed within reach. The family usually puts it next to the bathroom or bedside table for easy access in time.



◎ Durable and eye-catching: The fabric is made of Oxford fabric, the main material of 600D Gucci nylon composite 30 silk super thick coating, the inside of the bag is made of 210D black, and the front piece is made of fresh orange red;

◎ Various carrying methods: hand-held, can be carried on the shoulder;

◎ With anti-splashing, anti-flame retardant, wear-resistant, reflective strip reflective design, it can be found in time at night;

◎ Equipped with disinfection and debridement, hemostatic bandaging and auxiliary supplies;

◎ Equipped with tools for emergency escape when fire, earthquake, and flood rescue come;

◎ Equipped with IoT sensors, using 4G/NB-IOT and other wireless long-distance transmission technologies to realize pre-disaster warning and alarm;

◎ Configure WeChat applet to push alarm information in time, realize the help function of the network platform, and display emergency knowledge and industry information on disaster prevention and mitigation. 

Material allocation

The product configuration is designed for the needs of self-rescue and mutual rescue in disasters. It is composed of smart sensors, software application platform, external aid supplies, medical supplies kits, emergency food, escape tools and evacuation protection supplies.  

scenes to be used  

Schools, military, police, families, government agencies, hotels, hospitals, highways, shopping malls, team activities