The chain escape device is a kind of light group escape equipment, used in densely populated office buildings, office buildings, residential buildings, etc., can meet the rapid escape of multiple people at the same time, it can be installed on the top of the building in advance or fixed on the wall next to the window of the building , It can also be used in conjunction with the ladder truck to solve the escape problem of people who need to slowly descend and escape on each floor of the fire building. The chain type fire escape device is divided into two types: enhanced type and standard type. The enhanced type is used for group escape and descent rescue in buildings with a height of less than 60 meters; the standard type is used for fire escape and descent rescue of high-rise buildings with a height of less than 25 meters. 


Product advantages   

① The load-bearing chain is made of alloy steel, and the standard breaking force exceeds 3.3 tons. It can lift a pickup truck and five people and keep it for 30 minutes without damage;

② The reducer shell is made of manganese steel. After vacuum heat treatment, the shell is resistant to abrasion, impact and damage;

③ The transmission gear is made of alloy steel, and the gear set adopts the whole-tooth inserting process combination. After heat treatment, the transmission tooth is tough and not easy to break, and the connection between the gears is firm and not easy to loose;

④ The constant speed device components used to control the rotation speed (the descending speed of the human body) are all made of imported steel. It is not afraid of being immersed in water or oil during use. It can be used normally after a high temperature of 200 ℃, and the control speed error is within ±5% (national standard) The speed error of the speed reducer is ±20%), the speed reducer has never been out of control accident in a large number of tests and uses;

⑤ The safety rope is mainly used for grasping by human hands during the descent process, which plays a double insurance role. It is also used for the reducer that is lowered to the ground to be recycled to the upper floor for reuse. Its breaking force exceeds 5 tons. The breaking force of the reinforced load chain reaches 5.5 tons, and the static test of the bearing strength of the meshing teeth of the reducer and the load chain can reach 1.2 tons, which can be maintained for 30 minutes without damage;

⑦ The chain fire escape device is minimally affected by the outside world during storage. The main components are all made of alloy steel materials, which are not afraid of moisture, oil, and chemical gas corrosion. Its non-metallic accessories such as fixing belts, safety belts, and safety ropes are thick and thick. , The breaking force of the fixed belt is 6 tons, and the single seat belt is 3 tons. The product has been stored for 30 years without special maintenance.