Sanleng Slowly Descent Escape Pack is a speed-down escape backpack that can help survivors quickly escape from high-rise buildings through the steel wire rope and the slow-down braking system in the high-rise building when there is an emergency. During the descent process, through the built-in braking system, the descent speed is controlled within 2 meters per second to ensure safe use.

The high-altitude escape backpack is convenient to use. You only need to put the schoolbag on the back, fasten the seat belt, and buckle the rope buckle into the fixed device on the wall, and you can jump out of the window. The high-altitude escape backpack can be up to 80 meters in size, and it can be used by residents on the 26th floor based on 3 meters per floor.



Technical Parameters  

◎ The strength of steel wire rope is 500kg;

◎ The fixed point can bear 1500kg, the national standard 1000kg;

◎ The internal control standard of slow down speed is 0.6~1.4m/s, and the national standard is 0.16~1.5m/s;

◎ User weight range: National standard 35kg~100kg, enterprise internal control 20kg-130kg;

◎ Light weight, the 25-meter bag is only 6.8 kg;

◎ Nature of use: One-time escape use product, does not support repeated use.

Features and advantages

◎ The backpack design conforms to the artificial body design and is comfortable to wear;

◎ The backpack is made of high-grade fireproof nylon imitation fabric, which is resistant to fire and high temperature;

◎ The operation is simple and convenient to use, without special learning;

◎ Lightweight and easy to carry with high strength, saving valuable escape time;

◎ High load-bearing strength, can be used regardless of height, short, fat or thin.