The smart firefighting big data cloud platform uses cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and mobile Internet+, and cooperates with professional applications such as big data cloud computing platforms and fire alarm intelligent research and judgment to realize the intelligentization of urban fire protection. It is the digital foundation of smart city fire information services and an important part of the smart city, smart perception, interconnection, and smart application architecture.

The Sanleng Smart Firefighting Big Data Cloud Platform uses technologies such as the Internet of Things, GIS applications, mobile Internet+, artificial intelligence, and big data cloud information processing to achieve a firefighting big data platform across three different network architectures, constructs two actual combat application systems, namely, daily fire protection system and wartime fire extinguishing system, to break the information barriers between various fire protection business systems, so that fire protection information resources can be more effectively connected between supply and demand, promotes the development of fire protection work mode from traditional to modern, passive to active, single to comprehensive, and artificial to intelligent.

Wireless fire warning system

The wireless fire early warning system is a monitoring system that uses high technology such as the Internet of Things, big data, and the Internet to realize real-time transmission of fire monitoring data without wiring, and a monitoring system for fire warning and alarm.

System composition:

1. Smart firefighting big data cloud platform

2. Intelligent hardware: wireless smoke detector, wireless temperature detector, wireless alarm, cable temperature detector, electrical fire detector, combustible gas detector, fire water system water level detector, fire water system water pressure detector, intelligent emergency cabinet and other smart hardware.

System features:

● No dead angle coverage: Products include smoke detection, gas alarm, electrical fire monitoring, fire water equipment monitoring, emergency rescue equipment, alarm equipment, etc., which can cover all aspects and comprehensively monitor the environment;

● Fast installation and low cost: wireless transmission, no wiring, easy and fast installation, and low cost;

● 24H real-time monitoring: real-time online monitoring of various fire-fighting equipment, effectively preventing fire accidents, and improving the level of supervision and management;

● Multiple alarm notifications: In addition to on-site sound and light alarms for fire-fighting equipment, the platform also pushes notifications to relevant personnel through various communication methods such as telephone voice, SMS, and APP;

● Third-party system data sharing: Focus on hardware products and cloud services around the clock, and open proprietary application access interfaces, which can be docked with users' existing smart fire management systems, integrated platforms, community grid-based safety management systems, etc. .

Platform Introduction

The Sanleng smart firefighting big data cloud platform realizes fire warning, alarm, disaster processing, intelligent dispatching and other functions through real-time monitoring of fire-related information. The smart firefighting big data cloud platform has the dual protection functions of real-time prevention and control and dynamic response, realizes "preventing, managing, destroying, and escaping". With online think tanks, it can also help the fire management department to conduct real-time fire hazard category analysis, which is conducive to precise positioning and supervision.

Features and advantages:

The “automation” of fire prevention and control has changed from decentralization to centralized, and from passive to active, realizing unified monitoring and linkage of equipment;

The daily law enforcement work is "systematized" and integrated, effectively reducing overall costs and improving work efficiency;

Fire fighting and rescue command "intelligent" data intelligent generation, image intelligent transmission, decision-making intelligent application, improve the team's combat level;

The "refined" team management reduces the work intensity of fire protection personnel and improves work efficiency;

"Visualization" of fire protection data avoids tedious data analysis and sorting work, and visualizes fire protection big data;

Intelligent firefighting "integration" Establish a big data platform, share information resources, and form a "prevent, manage, and destroy" intelligent firefighting.