Sanleng environmental monitoring system is a set of aerial, ground, and underground ecological environment monitoring systems established by using high-tech such as the Internet of Things and big data to realize modern supervision of the ecological environment and achieve the ecological construction goals of scientific management and reasonable decision-making, and it provides effective reference and basis for the management and decision-making of the environmental management department.

Monitoring content

Drinking water source monitoring system

It can monitor and report on the groundwater quality of centralized drinking water sources.

River Basin Water Environment Monitoring System

It can carry out real-time monitoring, early warning and protection of river water quality.

Air environment monitoring system

Able to monitor, early warning and protect air quality in real time.

Radiation environment monitoring system

It can monitor the radiation environment of radioactive sources in real time, and query and analyze in real time.

Key pollution source monitoring system

It can monitor the sewage treatment status of centralized sewage treatment plants and the power of blowers in coal-fired power plants in real time.

Hazardous waste monitoring system

Be able to monitor the situation of hazardous waste and perform real-time analysis of the data collected by the waste management department.

Risk Source Monitoring System

Ability to monitor and analyze the sources of environmental risks.

Motor vehicle monitoring system

It can monitor and analyze the pollution of motor vehicle exhaust in real time.


◇ Fine supervision of big data analysis and application

◎ Forecast the probability, area and time of occurrence of various types of environmental accidents;

◎ Trace back and investigate the enterprises that cause water pollution, and accurately crack down on illegal activities such as unlawful discharge, leaking discharge, and exceeding discharge;

◎ Monitor online public opinion events, and control public opinion trends and public opinion demands;

◎ Through big data analysis, provide reference basis for project review and approval of management department.

◇ Intelligent monitoring big data analysis application

◎ Accurately analyze the environmental quality of water, air, sound, and soil, and predict and judge the development trend of environmental forms;

◎ Predict the concentration of major air pollutants and understand the trend of air quality in the future;

◎ Analyze and detect abnormalities in automatic monitoring data, and provide early warning and prevention in time.

◇ Scientific decision-making big data analysis application

◎ Accurately predict and forecast air, water and soil environmental quality;

◎ Accurately assess regional pollution transportation and dynamic traceability and analysis of pollution sources;

◎ Quickly judge the temporal and spatial distribution characteristics and influence scope of pollution diffusion;

◎ Analyze pollution sources and causes;

◎ Evaluate the effect of pollution reduction measures, evaluate the carrying capacity of the regional and urban environment;

◎ Design the environmental quality bidding plan;

◎ Provide guarantee support for the management of environmental quality monitoring data, cause diagnosis, and formulation of pollution reduction measures, and provide support for environmental pollution reduction decisions.