Smart environmental protection is the use of Internet of Things technology, cloud computing technology, mobile communication technology and business model technology, with data as the core, data acquisition, transmission, processing, analysis, and decision-making services to form an integrated innovation and smart model. Make environmental management, environmental monitoring, environmental emergency, environmental law enforcement and scientific decision-making more effective and accurate, and provide intelligent management and service support for environmental management and environmental protection.


• The platform provides real-time monitoring data for environmental protection administrative departments in terms of environmental assessment quality monitoring, pollution source monitoring, etc., and provides a basis for administrative punishment, effectively improving the management efficiency of environmental protection departments and improving environmental protection effects.

• Effectively improve the management level of the enterprise, accurately grasp the amount of waste water, waste gas, and waste generated by the enterprise, and avoid the exorbitant fines of the environmental protection department due to excessive or unqualified discharge.

• The public can learn about various monitoring indicators of the current environment through the platform website, making the living environment more transparent and more secure.