Urban construction, urban management, urban water, electricity, gas, heat, pipelines, roads, lighting, greening, environmental sanitation and other urban infrastructure and resources are the basic elements of urban municipal management.

The "Smart Municipal" integrated management platform is based on geographic information systems, urban grid systems and digital urban management systems, using cloud computing and other technologies to cover all life processes from urban planning and design, urban construction, urban operation management, and municipal implementation equipment operation management. , to effectively perceive, monitor and manage urban public resources. It can promote energy conservation and emission reduction, improve resource utilization, and at the same time guide, standardize, manage, operate and serve the operation of the city, and provide the general public with a beautiful environment, a good order, a high-quality service, and an optimized management.


Smart lighting

Smart lighting is also called smart street lamp, which realizes the remote centralized control and management of street lamps through the application of advanced, efficient and reliable power line carrier communication technology and wireless communication technology. It has functions such as automatic brightness adjustment according to traffic flow, remote lighting control, active fault alarm, lamp cable anti-theft, remote meter reading, etc., which can greatly save power resources, improve the level of public lighting management, and save maintenance costs. At the same time, it can also realize the information management of street lamp pipe network and other facilities configuration to meet the upgrade of subsequent user needs.

Sanleng smart lighting solutions provide services such as landscape lighting, road lighting and other municipal lighting program design, system platform construction, lighting-related equipment, lighting engineering construction, operation and maintenance, and energy-saving transformation services, helping relevant departments to better manage municipal lighting .

Smart Pipe Network

The urban underground pipe network is the basic channel and guarantee for the normal operation of urban water, electricity, gas, and communication systems. The construction of urban pipe network management system is divided into two parts:

◎ The construction of a smart city pipeline network database system, which is a set of static city pipeline network implementation blueprints, is the basis for the construction of a smart city pipeline network.

◎ The construction of a dynamic real-time monitoring system for the operation status of the urban pipe network, which is a set of dynamic real-time operation status diagrams of the urban pipe network, which can dynamically monitor the operation status of the pipe network in real time, proactively and timely discover problems, solve problems in time, and avoid unnecessary economy loss.

On the basis of 3S, CAD, OA, Internet of Things, cloud computing and other technologies, Sanleng uses "GIS+BIM+VR" technology to build a centralized management information system platform and build a visual and controllable pipe network operating environment, real-time perception of the operating status of the pipeline network, analysis of corresponding data, provide corresponding decision-making basis for urban emergency and early warning, and realize the full-dimensional intelligent management of self-prediction, self-judgment, self-control, and self-inspection of the comprehensive pipeline gallery.