Sanleng integrates modern computer technology, communication technology, management technology and architectural art through system integration to provide customers with a safe, efficient, comfortable and convenient building environment worthy of investment.

Smart campus

Based on the Internet of Things, a high-tech campus that integrates intelligent teaching buildings, visitor systems, all-in-one card systems, license plate recognition systems, and wireless campus systems.


◎ Unified infrastructure platform

◎ Wired and wireless dual network coverage network environment

◎ Unified data sharing platform and comprehensive information service platform

◎ It can also be combined with mobile phone network services to provide services such as mobile phone door opening, mobile phone book borrowing, mobile phone attendance, etc.

Smart Hospital

It is composed of two parts: a digital hospital and an improved application. The digital hospital is a hospital information system based on the Internet of Things technology that collects, stores, processes, extracts and exchanges data through a wireless network to meet the functional needs of users.

Improved applications include the application of technologies such as remote image transmission and massive data processing in digital hospitals to improve the level of medical services.

Smart Hotel

Smart hotel is an overall system solution that realizes hotel informatization and smart management through digitization and networking.

Smart Conference System

Including voting/election/appraisal, video, remote video, teleconference, simultaneous interpretation, desktop display, and a series of related equipment, such as central control, temperature control, light source control, sound control, power control and many more. In addition to meeting traditional and simple meeting requirements, it should also have an elegant style, beautiful sound quality, clear image presentation, and can speak and discuss functions as required, and a conference video system.

IBMS (Intelligent Management)

The intelligent building integrated management system (BMS, IBMS) uses the same software interface for centralized monitoring and management of dispersed, independent weak electronic systems. Managers can view the status and operating parameters of the various equipment of the subsystem through the computer, and can directly send various commands to control the equipment. This monitoring function greatly facilitates the remote management of the equipment by the user and prevents the equipment from major failures.

Smart home

Smart home is a high-efficiency, comfortable, safe, convenient and environmentally friendly living environment with residential as a platform, building equipment, network communications, information appliances and equipment automation, and integrating systems, structures, services, and management. On the basis of maintaining traditional residential functions, smart homes get rid of the passive mode and become a modern tool with active intelligence. Smart home not only provides a full range of information exchange functions, but also realizes home appliance control, lighting control, indoor and outdoor remote control, curtain automatic control, anti-theft alarm, air environment monitoring, air conditioning floor heating control and other functions.