● Metro Smart Security Platform

The platform is the centralized management and control of video surveillance, alarm, access control, patrol and other security technology systems and equipment through the platform software to expand the application scope of each subsystem. Enhance the ability of security prevention and control and improve the level of security management.

According to the passenger flow statistics of the subway station and the analysis of the population density in each area of the station, the platform can include the following systems:

• Intelligent control system for barriers

• The early warning system was added to the manual ticket window

• Automatic ticket vending machine management and control system

• Early warning system for stranded passengers at the station

• Early warning system for station emergencies

• Metro station entry and exit personnel recording system

• Early warning system for dangerous behaviors of personnel in the station waiting area

• Early warning system for individual behavior of personnel in station waiting area

• Station front camera equipment management system

• Illegal stay detection during non-operating hours of the station

● Automatic fare checking (AFC) system

The automatic ticket checking system is an integrated system. It is an automated version of the public transportation network ticketing system-manual charging. It is the basis of integrated ticketing.

The automatic fare checking system enables public transportation companies (metro/bus/rail rapid transit) to achieve complete control of the toll collection process through the transparency of the toll chain. In addition, the automatic ticket checking system can comprehensively coordinate intermodal transportation, and cross-system settlement is simple, clear, and efficient in real time.

● Platform screen door control system

Platform screen doors are mainly used to protect passengers, to prevent passengers from falling off the platform or other risk of riding, and to make passengers feel at ease.

The system's mechanical lock/unlock function and electronic control design ensure safe operation. Using a fully enclosed mechanism, while ensuring a comfortable environment, it essentially reduces the energy consumption of the environmental control system. At the same time, the system does not rely on train signals and automatic control systems, and can execute commands quickly.

● Rail transit monitoring system

The operating status of vehicles and screen doors can be tracked, and operators can be warned to delay or close. At the same time, deliberate violations or criminal acts can also be tracked.

● Rail transit operation and maintenance system

Based on the IT equipment monitoring system, adopting the mainstream monitoring software in the market, providing standard interfaces, including monitoring display platform, event management, report analysis and other functions, to realize rail transit network management, asset management, business management, topology management, and network Device monitoring, security device monitoring, host monitoring and virtualization monitoring.