63.jpgVehicle technical parameters

Dimensions (mm): 7090) (length) × 2150 (width) × 3350 (height)

Full load allowable total mass (Kg): 10000

Vehicle speed (Km/h): ≤110 Power: 96kw

The number of passengers in the cab (person): 3 Fuel type: Diesel

Emission standard: National V

Structure: Modular design, box structure, equipment operation and equipment access should be designed reasonably and conveniently

Material: The box frame is made of high-quality steel.

Car body protection: The bottom of the vehicle is sprayed with anti-rust and anti-corrosion treatment. After the parts are painted, the whole vehicle is assembled to ensure that the original parts of the chassis are not affected by thermal aging after high-temperature baking.

Side flap: The middle door on the right side of the car is a gas spring flap, and the space in the box is used to place various propaganda modules.

power supply system

1. On-board power supply

Power ≥8KW, rated voltage 220V, frequency 50HZ. Reserve the city power supply socket.

2. External mains

Reserve the mains power supply socket and control box;

Power output: 220V power output socket×1, in order to use other tools and equipment.

Power input: 220V×1 power input socket. When the generator fails, it can be powered by an external power source to ensure the normal use of all the functions of the vehicle such as the playback system.

3. Protective measures

Install voltage stabilizer and power-off controller to protect the LED screen and circuit safety when the voltage is unstable or the current is too large.

Interactive multimedia large screen

1. LED display: P6, the area is not less than 5 square meters; (mandatory energy-saving product)

2. Auxiliary equipment: standard cabinets are placed in the cabinet, industrial host i7 is placed in the cabinet, memory is not less than 8G, hard disk: solid state drive is not less than 128G, shockproof and reliable, 17-inch rack-mounted industrial LCD screen;

3. High-power sound broadcasting system, power amplifier, wireless microphone.Fire hazard inspection system

1. High-tech popular science products integrating virtual simulation technology, game engine, somatosensory gamepad and other technologies. It is advisable to set up no less than 6 common fire hazard investigations, list and reflect the actual fire safety hazards in the virtual scene, and find out the fire hazards by dragging the scene perspective and clicking. The software needs to include knowledge point explanations and video cases, etc.

2. Industrial control motherboard i7, 8G, mini solid state disk 128G/LCD screen: 32-inch LCD screen/32 touch screen/wired gamepad/power system/speaker audio (including hidden danger investigation game software)

Family safety interactive game software Supports interactions such as hidden danger finding, high-level fire escape, etc.

3. The fire hazard video should include the hazards and impacts caused by fire in a variety of scenes. Using virtual simulation technology, at least 6 common fire hazard scenes should be set up, and the common safety hazards in reality should be reflected in the virtual scene. Experiencers need to find hidden dangers, the operation is simple and clear, and teenagers can also use it without barriers. Through the hidden danger search, help the experience equipment to better understand the hazards of fire hazards. The content should include the life of fireworks, kitchens, schools, electric car charging lights, etc. Common safety hazards in. The system needs to have a prompt function. If the hidden danger point is not found for a long time, it can help the experiencer to better understand the hidden danger point through the hidden danger search prompt. The software needs to include knowledge point explanations and video cases.

Simulate 119 alarm device

1. Simulate fire alarm system. Using voice recognition technology to truly simulate the process of the alarm scene, so that the trainee (experiencer) can learn how to make an alarm call

2. Vehicle-mounted motherboard, i7CPU 3.2G, memory 8G, vehicle-mounted hard disk: 128G, 17-inch industrial LCD touch display, 119 telephone control board, metal chain telephone receiver, voice control board, warning light, warning light control system, shockproof Cabinet, analog alarm software. 3. Explosion-proof telephone

3. Experiencers can use the alarm simulation demonstration software to complete the 119 fire alarm simulation alarm by phone according to the operation process

4. The software should have video learning so that you can understand the correct alarm process and method after viewing the experience

5. Let the experience device understand the harm to society and itself if false alarms, false alarms, unclear descriptions and a series of incorrect alarm methods will bring to society and itself

6. The software needs to be written and tested in a standardized hardware environment. The main hardware environment requirements: customized voice recognition module, customized telephone. The main software program should be developed in C++ language.

7. Support general windows operating system.

Electrical fire cause test bench

1. Equipped with improper use of electrical fires, such as insulation damage, electrical circuit overload burning, electric vehicles acting as overload burning, etc. fire demonstration experiment equipment

2. Experiencers can understand the safety hazards in real life through operations.

Fire identification system

Touch all-in-one screen ratio 16:9, resolution 1920*1080, infrared touch screen response time 8ms, touch accuracy <2mm (central area), <3mm (edge area), H81 industrial control motherboard, CPU i7, 8G memory, 128G solid state hard disk.

Static level: 4KV, air discharge 8KV (USB connector port)

Safety sign light box size 25*25cm, PVC material.

1. The interactive demonstration software of the fire safety logo light box needs to be changed according to the changes of the fire knowledge education function. The experiencer can click on the safety logo on the screen through the touch screen. As well as explaining, and including the safety logo icon graphic e-book.

2. The software needs to be coded and tested in a standardized hardware environment. The main hardware environment requirements: custom interactive light boxes, custom touch all-in-one machines. The main program is based on the flash platform and supports windows system.

The light box switch is controlled by the light box controller, which meets the requirements of customized circuits and the requirements of linkage control. It has a serial port interface and can perform multi-channel control.

Simulation fire extinguishing demonstration system

1. Using technologies such as spatial positioning, infrared reminder signs, electric control of fire extinguishers, virtual scenes, etc., on the big screen, you can choose scenes such as classrooms, kitchens, and balconies, allowing the experience to learn how to put out fires and what to do when a fire occurs. What effective measures.

2. 50-inch vehicle-mounted terminal: vehicle-mounted mainboard I7CPU, 8G memory, vehicle-mounted hard disk: 128G, industrial-grade 50-inch LCD screen, cabinet with shockproof system. Water-based, dry powder, foam, carbon dioxide simulation handheld fire extinguisher, fire extinguisher targeting system positioning device, fire extinguisher type identification device, fire extinguisher earthquake-proof fixed structure, multi-scene fire simulation software.

Video editing, post dubbing, 3D animation production

3. Introduction to fire types: Class A fire: solid material fire; Class B fire: liquid or meltable solid material fire; Class C fire: gas fire; Class D fire: metal fire; Class E fire: live fire; Class F Fire: Fires of cooking objects (such as animal and vegetable fats) in cooking appliances.

4. Introduction to the types of fire extinguishers: Introduce the working principles of dry powder fire extinguishers, foam fire extinguishers, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, and water-based fire extinguishers.

5. Common sense of fire fighting: find out the fire material, determine the type of fire, and use the corresponding fire extinguisher

6. The use and maintenance of fire extinguishers.

7. The program needs to include 3 major sections: basic knowledge, simulated fire extinguishing, and knowledge evaluation;

8. The simulated fire extinguishing system needs to be able to judge whether the type of fire extinguisher is correct, the position of the fire extinguisher, and the size of the real flame. If the fire is reduced but not completely extinguished after a period of time, the flame will automatically reignite. Only when the fire extinguishing is completely completed can the fire extinguishing succeed. If the fire extinguishing is not completed within the specified time, the fire extinguishing fails and the user is prompted to try again.

Fire knowledge test system  

1. High-tech popular science products integrating virtual simulation technology, game engine, camera, identity recognition and other technologies, choose different fire protection content, and learn by asking questions and answering by the experiencer.

2. Industrial control motherboard i7, 8G, mini solid state disk 128G/22 inch touch display/photograph system/identification system/color printing system/speaker audio/cabinet. (Including test printing certificate software)

3. The safety knowledge question bank should be detailed. In addition to fire safety, it must also include various safety knowledge such as escape, earthquake, flood, traffic, etc.

4. After answering the questions, sign the camera, print out the transcript of the fire protection knowledge study, and make a safety experience certificate.

5. Support WeChat and Weibo sharing support login, WeChat follow, background user statistics and analysis.

Exhibition board

1. Device function: suitable for various places to carry out fire protection propaganda, convenient to fold, the screen can be replaced, and the expansion area of each block is not less than 1.5 square meters

Installation composition: Exhibition board: no less than 5 Exhibition   board picture×5

Usage requirements:

1) It is placed in a suitable position and does not affect the effect of the car body;

2) Easy to pick and place;

3) The exhibition board is convenient for self-renewal;

4) The display board has good support stability.

Promotional demonstration system

1) Animation demonstration system for household safety and fire prevention knowledge

Use 3D animation, video, sound and sound effects to demonstrate the potential safety hazards when using fire, electricity, and natural gas at home, such as scenes of fire and explosion caused by improper handling, and teach people how to escape.

2) Fire prevention education (children) demonstration system

Tell fire prevention knowledge with 3D animation, video, sound and sound effects. For example, fires caused by children playing with matches and setting off fireworks. Knowledge of potential safety hazards in children's use of electricity, fire, and gas when the adult is absent or away.

3) Safety and fire prevention education system in public places

Use 3D animations and videos to reproduce public scenes, and educate people to pay attention to safety signs, evacuation passage locations, and safety exit locations in public places. And the animation shows how to escape in the event of a fire.

4) Transportation safety and fire prevention education system

Using 3D animation and video to reproduce a fire on a public transportation vehicle, it demonstrates how everyone can help themselves and escape in an orderly and scientific manner.

5) Demonstration and education system on how to rescue and escape in a trapped home

It reproduces the correct rescue and escape demonstration system for people trapped at home due to fire in 3D animation.

6) Demonstration and education system on how to rescue a flammable liquid fire

The animation demonstrates which fire extinguishing methods are used when flammable liquids catch fire, such as what kind of fire extinguisher is used, wet blankets, fine sand, etc. to extinguish the fire, and water fire is prohibited.

7) Demonstration and education system on how to rescue a person on fire

The animation reproduces the demonstration system of how to carry out the correct rescue and fire fighting when a person is on fire.

Propaganda demonstration system should support mobile phone screen projection function

Experience display of fire fighting and rescue equipment

At least six common fire-fighting and rescue equipment and personal protective equipment for firefighters are displayed.

Additional electrical appliances and others

Electrical installation       Voltage: 24V

Alarm system            Color of visual alarm device: red;

Visual warning device bar warning light, which can be switched on and off from the cab, in line with the relevant regulations of GB13954-2004, siren;

Side warning lights: 2 groups of red flashing warning lights on the left and right;

Lighting, signal

Rear traffic device: 2 rear position lights (red), 2 brake lights (red), 2 turn signal lights (amber), 2 hazard warning signals (amber), 2 rear return reflectors (red) ), 1 rear fog lamp (red), 2 reversing lights (white), 2 rear profile lights (red), 1 license plate light (white)

Traffic device at the front of the carriage: 2 profile lights (white)

The cab broadcast and publicity system, the vehicle-mounted power amplifier player supports format voice interfaces (USB, SIM), handheld microphones, and a 30W directional tweeter on the roof.

Paint and marking

1. Body paint: fire red

2. The overall identification of the vehicle should comply with the "Emergency Rescue Vehicle Appearance Standard Painting Specification" 

Layout plan

The interior layout of the car is reasonable, and the specific layout plan is provided

Product performance standards  

1. Standards for publicity vehicles or inspection vehicles

2. Relevant inspection standards for the automotive industry

Onboard documents

Vehicle-mounted documents provided by the vehicle chassis supplier: vehicle chassis use and maintenance manual; vehicle chassis factory certificate; vehicle chassis-mounted parts list

Propaganda vehicle complete vehicle accompanying documents: Propaganda vehicle complete vehicle instruction manual; Propaganda vehicle complete vehicle factory certificate; Propaganda vehicle complete vehicle accompanying accessories list