The fire extinguishing reconnaissance robot is composed of the robot body, the fire monitor and the handheld remote control terminal. It is mainly used for fire fighting and reconnaissance in various fields, especially suitable for explosive environments such as petrochemicals and gas. It is of great significance to improve rescue safety and reduce casualties.



Product advantages

● Explosion-proof and waterproof design, especially suitable for petrochemical, gas and other explosive environments;

● The crawler adopts external high-temperature resistant, flame-retardant rubber, and an internal full metal skeleton;

● Double hoses for water supply, with waterproof belt knotting design;

● With large traction, it can drag two 60m-long water-filled water belts to walk;

● The system adopts high temperature resistant design, with double water curtain self-spray cooling device;

● Remotely control the rotation, pitching, and automatic shooting of the fire monitor, large flow, high range, multiple

Spray mode, free switching between water spray and foam;

● High-definition wireless image transmission system to realize remote real-time video monitoring;

● Adopt advanced wireless communication technology, long communication distance and strong anti-interference;

● Strong obstacle crossing ability, able to climb obstacles at a large angle;

● Independent suspension shock absorption system, strong impact resistance;

● Strong maneuverability, fast moving speed, adjustable speed.

Product Features

Internet function

The network communication function is strong, and it can be connected to the Internet to transmit data to the command center, providing a reliable decision-making basis for rescue decision-makers; at the same time, it can cooperate with the UAV to realize the "three-in-one" fire command and control.

Remote diagnosis function

Realize the remote diagnosis and fault analysis of the fire-fighting robot through the Internet function.

Environmental detection function (optional)

The automatic lifting platform is equipped with environmental detection sensors to realize the detection and analysis of toxic and combustible gases at different heights on site (the detection of radioactive substances is optional).

Hot eye detection function (optional)

Realize the detection and tracking of the heat source through infrared thermal imaging.

Automatic power generation, automatic recoil suppression function

The main motor of the robot adopts power-generating braking, which converts recoil into electric energy in the sprinkler fire extinguishing process.

Sound collection function

The live sound can be collected in real time to facilitate the understanding of the trapped persons.

Image acquisition function

The three-way camera collects live images and uploads them in real time, including the front and rear perspectives that can be raised and lowered, and water cannon tracking (walking close-up and water-spraying perspective).

Autonomous obstacle avoidance function

The obstacle avoidance system automatically recognizes the distance of obstacles, with high sensitivity and long detection distance.

Long-distance fire extinguishing of dangerous goods

Adopt advanced communication technology to realize dual-channel transmission of data and video, ensuring the safety distance of firefighters when extinguishing a fire in an explosive environment.

On-site rescue

The robot has a certain load capacity, and can drag rescue vehicles into the disaster site to rescue the trapped persons in time.