The Sanleng multifunctional anti-chemical fire reconnaissance vehicle is a special reconnaissance and fire extinguishing vehicle developed by Sanleng for the leakage and fire of hazardous chemicals. In addition to the traditional fire extinguishing function, the vehicle also adds a 360-degree full-angle camera and an infrared monitor for atmospheric pollution gases. It can detect and warn toxic gases within 1000 meters.


● Fire fighting

The vehicle comes with a double-layer water tank (1/1.5/2 ton), which can store water-based fire extinguishing agents, which can be quickly extinguished after being mixed with water; the vehicle is equipped with a high-horsepower fire-fighting pump, which can extinguish fire remotely and raise dust up to 30 meters.

● Intelligent management

Vehicles can be interconnected with smart emergency big data platforms through IoT components to view vehicle power, water volume, positioning, video and other information in real time, facilitating command and dispatch during disasters.

● Reconnaissance and early warning

It can monitor the leakage and emission of dangerous gases, and quickly detect dangerous gases from a long distance without contact, and promptly issue an alarm to ensure personal safety

Performance parameter

1. Recognizable gas

Hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, propane, sulfur dioxide, methanol, ethylene, methane, sulfur hexafluoride, dichloromethane, ether.

2. Response time: ≤8s

3. Maximum monitoring distance

Under standard atmospheric conditions: ≥1km. (Temperature: 15℃~35℃, humidity: <70%RH, wind speed: ≤3m/s, atmospheric visibility 8Km)

4. Body size (1.5T): 4.7m*1.58m*2.65m (length*width*height)

5. Driving mileage (no load/full load): 110km/80km

Application scenario

It can be used for environmental monitoring, fire rescue, large-scale event security, industrial park monitoring and other places. It can also be used for subway safety monitoring (highly toxic and dangerous gas detection) and coal mine monitoring (methane detection), high-voltage power transmission and transformation monitoring (sulfur hexafluoride detection) ), chemical plant leakage (detection of flammable and explosive dangerous gas), etc.