Intelligent airport fully automatic industrial drones can be flexibly deployed in industrial construction/patrol inspection scenarios. Users only need to set the patrol route in the office, and the drone system can complete the drone's automatic take-off and landing, image collection, For operations such as battery replacement, the entire system is deployed in the field environment, allowing UAVs to achieve complete "unmanned" operations.

Airborne AI and real-time communication between the cloud and drone images can be transmitted to the AI processing platform for diagnosis in real time. When it is diagnosed that the inspection target may have a defect, the cloud sends an alarm command to the airborne AI terminal; after receiving the command, the airborne AI controls the drone to adjust the flight attitude and pan/tilt angle, and take a second shot of the target defect.

AI人工智能森林火灾远程监测预警系统.jpgProduct parameter

Fixed rotor automatic airport        Size: length 164*width 164*height 164 (unit cm)               Weight: 900KG          Material: steel/aluminum


• Battery/Solar • Drone battery: can be upgraded to 4 sets

• Windproof sand kit • Battery preheating at low temperature

Automatic airport

Autonomous replacement and operation      

Field deployment

Automatic take-off and landing

Auto change/charge

Health monitoring

AI calculation

Communication base station

· Industrial grade high reliability

· Multi-environment adaptability, industrial-grade protection

· Compact modular design

· Industry-leading productization level (12 months)

Intelligent UAV airborne AI module to realize autonomous flight

Through the core algorithm, autonomous drone inspection and patrol are realized. It can accurately locate and track shooting in real time, and accurately shoot the target object through the AI algorithm.

Image recognition computing control, AI module cloud interaction, AI flight computing control, environmental perception, industrial-grade reliability