Professional pure electric ultra-long endurance vertical take-off and landing UAV, pure electric, ultra-long endurance, vertical take-off and landing, no runway, independent of airport and crew resources. It can be widely used in large and small forest areas, high mountains and other scenes, and realizes 24-hour day and night monitoring; during the patrol period, it can also take landing inspections on suspicious areas to achieve the effect of collecting data and accurately eliminating dangers.


Product advantages  

Dual-frequency dual-link data transmission system

COFDM technology, 845Mz and 1.4G key data dual backup link transmission, 100+KM map can realize 1080P transmission.

Dual CAN and multiple redundant flight controllers

Dual redundancy CAN bus, high-speed Ethernet bus, redundant flight control module, can replace independent avionics module IMA architecture.

Smart Networking

It can be easily linked with 4G/5G networks, seamlessly docking with operators, supporting private channels, and data security.

Flexible stowage

The battery/warehouse/equipment can be flexibly loaded to meet different needs and adapt to changes.

Application scenario

Urban air traffic is mainly used in scenes such as plateau surveying and mapping and security inspections.