The 16-rotor fire-fighting tethered UAV is used in cold regions around the world, breaking through the use limit of -55℃ for military equipment, omnidirectional high-pressure jet, tethered long voyage, emergency lighting, communication, and shouting.


Product Features  

① Low temperature adaptability: exceeding the military standard -55℃, available in extremely cold regions around the world;

②Flight stability: industrial-grade IMU attitude measurement components, constant temperature technology, low temperature and not easy to crash;

③Motor advantage: rainproof and self-heating motor;

④Structural advantages: tower structure;

⑤Safety: aviation high current contactor; emission display control technology; single-stage battery monitoring system;

⑥ Anti-interference ability: frequency hopping communication data link;

⑦Injection function: 10 continuous casters, 10kg;

⑧Extinguishing function: forest fire-50kg high-pressure fire-fighting liquid spray tank; petrochemical fire-50kg high-pressure dry powder spray tank; high-rise fire-40mm hose pull up 200 meters;

⑨Ranging and positioning function

Application scenario

It can be used in high-rise fire extinguishing, forest fire extinguishing, petrochemical fire extinguishing and other scenes.