Professional fire-fighting multi-rotor UAV adopts high-strength carbon fiber composite material technology and a unique 8-axis, 8-slurry, up-and-down layout design. Compared with other products with the same load capacity, it is smaller in size, lighter in weight, and more rigid. , higher efficiency. The standard configuration of the system platform (the load is equipped separately), the load capacity is less than 100 kg, and the single flight with load takes 20 minutes.


Standard configuration  

The standard configuration includes the following modules:

1. Flight control system

2. Avionics system

3. Power system

4. Fuselage + Wing

5. Ground detection radar

6. A set of batteries and a set of fast chargers

7. Remote control set

8. Ground station software

9. Transport box

Application scenario

Equipped with fire-extinguishing bombs are widely used in emergency rescue scenarios such as forest fire control in the early stage, and can quickly generate optimized routes, take off and land autonomously, and perform rescue missions.