The Smart Emergency Demonstration Town is a town (street) as a unit, relying on a smart emergency big data platform, using cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and mobile Internet to create a monitoring, warning, and visualized smart emergency safety system to achieve fire protection, Safety, emergency rescue is grid-based and distributed, rescues early and disappears, and seamlessly connects to protect the lives and property of people in towns and villages.

Significance of emergency and safe town construction

Create a benchmark and take the lead in demonstrating the construction of emergency towns

Take the lead in building a benchmark for smart emergency towns nationwide, and take the lead in the development of smart emergency towns nationwide.

Promote rapid economic growth

In the short term, investment in demonstration projects can directly stimulate the economic growth of the town. In the long run, improving the living environment of small towns can attract new economies to settle in the local area, improve the quality of regional investment and the investment environment, and enable local governments to obtain both social and economic benefits.

Improve population quality and establish a good image

With the construction of emergency towns as the carrier, security awareness is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people through various media channels. Extensively guide the public to actively participate in emergency construction, improve the quality of residents, and establish a good image for the town.

Grid, distributed, solve the problem of emergency rescue distance, rescue early and destroy children within three minutes

Comprehensive management and dispatch of emergency personnel and materials to realize that some people are available, some people can use, and some people can use; there are things available, things can be used, and resources are shared.

Promote the improvement of economic structure and the transformation of economic growth mode

In the process of the smart emergency demonstration construction in the town, the industrial structure has been significantly improved by vigorously developing tertiary industries such as tourism, medical care and tourism, and business services. The mode of economic growth has been transformed.

Improve the living environment and improve the quality of life of residents

The town’s emergency safety layout and the construction and development of public emergency facilities to prevent fires and reduce fire hazards, establish and improve the town’s emergency safety system, enhance the town’s comprehensive ability to resist fires and deal with various disasters and accidents; improve the town’s people’s The living environment and the quality of life of residents will be improved.

Significance of building a smart emergency town

Integrated, systematized, intelligent, automated, and visualized management

Through the construction of the town’s big data platform, the town’s big data platform system is unified in management and control, unified monitoring and linkage, and all fire protection data are visualized to improve work efficiency.

Big data statistical analysis

The platform provides intelligent statistical analysis of events, materials, and personnel attendance, helping the town to optimize emergency management.

IOT command linkage, small town defense

In the event of an accident, the unified command and linkage of the platform can be used to realize the joint defense of the town.

Make up for the shortage of emergency supplies in the town

Through distributed and mobile deployment of emergency cabinets and fire trucks in key areas such as small towns, villages, streets, hospitals, schools, etc., to make up for the shortage of emergency supplies in the town and improve the emergency rescue work in the town.

Disaster relief and fire fighting, emergency rescue

When an accident occurs, emergency cabinet materials and fire trucks are called to take rescue measures to achieve seamless connection, eliminate early and small, timely rescue and reduce losses.

Intelligent management of emergency supplies, vehicles, and personnel

Real-time check the status of materials, vehicles, and personnel under management, and intelligently dispatch nearby materials, vehicles and personnel when an accident occurs.

Electricity safety protection

By equipping schools, hospitals, and health care communities in the town with a smart electricity safety management system, real-time monitoring of electricity safety protection and electricity line conditions in key areas in the town will be realized.

Fire safety real-time monitoring

Through the construction of the town’s big data platform, the town’s big data platform system is unified in management and control, unified monitoring and linkage, and all fire protection data are visualized to improve work efficiency.

Evacuation and rescue drills, publicity and education

Realize the popularization of emergency rescue knowledge through the large LED screen, use rescue materials to conduct evacuation and rescue drills, publicize and educate, and enhance the safety awareness and escape rescue capabilities of the residents in the town.

One-click for help, report the accident

Residents in the town can ask for help through the large screen of the emergency cabinet and WeChat, and report the accident information.

Night patrol and inspection in the town

Security management personnel in villages, streets and other areas in the town can drive miniature fire trucks for night patrols to further strengthen the security work in the town.

Signage in the town, high-pressure cleaning of roads, watering of green plants

Fire trucks can be used to clean signs and roads in various areas of the town, water green plants, and beautify the environment in the town.