Due to the age of the old community, the power lines and facilities in the community are aging, and because of the chaotic management, many residents pile up a lot of debris in the community, and the structure of the personnel is complicated, which causes various security risks in the community.

Upgrading and transformation of old communities, using technological means such as the Internet of Things, informatization, and big data, to combine civil air defense and technical defense, prevention and rescue, to carry out community security and fire protection reforms, improve safety protection equipment and facilities, optimize management, and make up The safety of the community is weak, to improve the living conditions, to ensure the safety of the lives and property of the residents, and to turn the old community into a safer and more comfortable smart community.

Smart security

Through the video surveillance, micro bayonet, face access control, and various IoT sensing devices in the community, the perception of community data and events is realized, and new technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things are fully used to build intelligence with big data. The application-centric "smart security community system" has formed a three-dimensional community prevention and control system that combines public security, comprehensive management, streets, and real estate, effectively improving the management capabilities of special groups of people, key concerns, cases, and terrorism. It improves the intelligent level of community prevention and control, and increases the residents' living happiness index.


1. Realize community data collection and aggregation

By integrating the dynamic perception data of the community video surveillance system, intelligent access control system, face recognition system, micro bayonet system, fire protection system and other systems, the actual population, actual houses, actual units, and actual security in the jurisdiction are realized Basic data collection and aggregation of facilities, etc., to solve the problem of finding people and cars.

2. Realize the intelligent management and control of people and cars in the community

Through the construction of the intelligent security community system, the people and vehicles entering the community are accurately identified, and the management and control of the community personnel, vehicles, and events has changed from vague information to clear directions.

3. Realize in-depth application of community big data

Focusing on elements such as people, houses, cars, police events, etc., realizing community real population management, focusing on personnel management and control, people and vehicles trajectory research and judgment, abnormal alarm handling, potential risk pre-control and other applications, and provide cloud search, portrait comparison, trajectory A variety of research and analysis methods, such as characterization and abnormal discovery, provide favorable information and technical support for population management, case investigation, comprehensive management, and situation research and judgment of various public security and comprehensive management departments.

4. Realize the reengineering of the precise police process in the community

Closely focus on "fighting, preventing, managing, controlling, and serving" and refined community management, realizing real-time push of police events, and forming a closed management loop of community police events of "alarm-push-receive-disposal-feedback-statistics", realize the accurate push and effective and rapid handling of police incidents, focus on promoting police WeChat connection and police process reengineering, and realize a new model of police process application.

Smart parking

Through IoT sensor controller, mobile payment and other technologies, it can effectively help the property to realize the management and control of different brands of parking hardware, centralized management and control, realize mobile payment, electronic invoice, remote opening, video intercom basic business, monitoring and analysis of abnormal opening conditions , realize job reduction and efficiency increase, unattended.


Easy and convenient, unmanned payment

◎ Support payment methods such as QR code payment, APP payment, official account payment, bank collection, etc., to improve the efficiency of vehicle owners' access.

The owner has a good experience

◎ Automatic license plate recognition, the recognition rate is as high as 99.9%;

◎ Avoid queuing, circling, and ticketing to save time;

◎ Induce and optimize the route, quickly find free parking spaces when entering the field, and quickly find the parked vehicles when leaving the field;

◎ Self-service payment, multiple payment methods, flexible choice;

◎ One-click to quickly obtain electronic invoices.

Efficient parking lot management

◎ Video intercom, remote opening;

◎ Abnormal opening data monitoring to prevent fraud;

◎ Increase the utilization rate of parking spaces and increase income;

◎ Reduce the number of management personnel and reduce management costs;

◎ Eliminate non-charging or under-charging behaviors and increase income;

◎ Eliminate “running, risking, dripping, and leaking” in the parking lot, and realize the revenue of the parking lot.  

Smart fire

1. Wireless fire warning system

The wireless fire early warning system is a monitoring system that uses high technology such as the Internet of Things, big data, and the Internet to realize real-time transmission of fire monitoring data without wiring, and a monitoring system for fire warning and alarm.2. Smart fire hydrant

Apply advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data to build a new integrated intelligent fire hydrant, or intelligently upgrade and transform an existing outdoor traditional fire hydrant and connect to the intelligent fire hydrant monitoring system platform to realize the information status of the outdoor fire hydrant Real-time coalition control acquisition facilitates accurate information acquisition by fire rescue command agencies and timely maintenance by management and maintenance units. Solve the maintenance, management, and use problems of outdoor fire hydrants, and protect the "life-saving water" of fire fighting.

3. Intelligent early warning management system for illegal stop of fire passages

Intelligently monitor the occupancy of the fire passage, and promptly alert when a problem is found, so as to avoid irreparable losses due to delays in the event of a fire.

4、The intelligent management and control system for battery bicycle forbidden to enter the elevator

Realize the identification and alarm of electric bicycle, and achieve the effect of preventing electric bicycle from entering the elevator and preventing electric bicycle from entering the corridor to cause fire.

High-rise littering intelligent tracking system

High-rise littering intelligent tracking system, connected to the community monitoring equipment through Ultrain, which can intelligently detect high-rise littering and emergency fire incidents. When the system detects high-rise littering or fire incidents, it will immediately generate alarm information and use the computer or mobile The terminal equipment notifies the relevant personnel to go to the scene in time for processing. The system can work continuously for 24 hours without interruption, and uses intelligent anti-interference technology to effectively filter trees/birds/clouds/wind/rain/snow weather/vibration and other factors, greatly improving the accuracy of recognition.


●The front end uses a 4K HD fixed-focus camera to capture images of high-rise littering intelligent events.

●The central transmission transmits the signal stably to the back-end video recorder through the switch.

●The center adopts high-rise littering intelligent tracking Ultrain, real-time monitoring of the whole process of throwing and casting records, implementation of tracking, and real-time alarm.

●Real-time alarm information is pushed to the smart community management platform through the network, and the property management staff receives the alarm information via mobile phone text messages and the WeChat platform which allows quick check for the details and helps to quickly determines the responsibility.


◎ 4K Ultra HD technology

Using 4K ultra-high-definition fixed-focus camera, the image is clear, real-time traceability and post-tracing are double guarantees, and the real-time monitoring picture is clearer.

◎  High-rise Littering Intelligent Tracking Ultrain

Aiming at the high-rise littering intelligent real-time alarm function, the AI algorithm is adapted to this scene, so as to realize real-time detection of high-rise littering events, and report the alarm to the management center.

◎ Clear and intelligent monitoring of the whole process of parabola

Intelligent monitoring, narrow the scope, and confirm the responsible party. Real-time monitoring of the whole process of parabola through 800W camera.

◎ Large aperture, special lens

With a special lens, the effects can be recorded clearly at night.