Sanleng wireless firefighting alarm system is a system using IoT, big data, Internet and other high-tech to achieve real-time transmission of fire monitoring data without wiring.


System composition

1. Smart firefighting Big Data Cloud Platform

2. Intelligent hardware: wireless smoke detector, wireless temperature detector, wireless alarm, cable temperature detector, electrical fire detector, flammable gas detector, firefighting system water level detector, firefighting water system water pressure detector, intelligent emergency cabinet.

System advantage

●Fire prevention and control "automation": Disperse into concentration, change passive to active, and achieve unified

monitoring and linkage of equipment.

●Daily enforcement work "systematic": Zero to the whole, effectively reduce the overall cost and improve work efficiency

●Smart firefighting "integration": Establish a big data platform, share information resources, and form a "defense, management, and destruction" smart firefighting

●Firefighting and rescue command "Intelligent": Intelligent data generation, intelligent image transmission, intelligent

application of decision-making, and improved team combat level

●Team management "streamline": Reduce the work intensity of firefighting personnel and improve work efficiency

●Firefighting data "visualization": Avoid cumbersome data analysis and collation work, firefighting big data visualization

Platform Introduction

Sanleng Smart Big Data Cloud Platform realizes fire warning, alarm, disaster management, intelligent dispatching and other functions through real-time monitoring of fire-related information. It can help the fire management department to analyze the fire hazard category in real-time, which is conducive to accurate positioning and supervision.

Functional characteristics of the system

●No dead angle coverage: The product includes smoke detection, temperature detector, fire water equipment monitoring, emergency rescue equipment, alarm equipment, etc., which can cover the environment and comprehensively monitor

●Low installation cost: Wireless transmission, no wiring, easy installation, fast and low cost;

24H real-time monitoring: Real-time online monitoring of various fire fighting equipment to effectively prevent fire accidents and improve supervision and management;

●Multiple alarm notifications: In addition to the live sound and light alarms, the fire-fighting equipment informs the relevant personnel through telephone, SMS, and APP push;

●Third-party system data sharing: Focusing on hardware products and cloud services around the clock, and opening a proprietary application access interface, it can seamlessly interface with users' existing intelligent fire management systems, comprehensive management platforms, and community grid security management systems.