The smart firefighting big data cloud platform uses cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and mobile Internet+, and cooperates with professional applications such as big data cloud computing platforms and fire alarm intelligent research and judgment to realize the intelligentization of urban firefighting. It is a smart city firefighting information The digital foundation of services is also an important part of the smart city, smart perception, interconnection, and smart application architecture.

Sanleng Smart Firefighting Big Data Cloud Platform uses technologies such as the Internet of Things, GIS applications, mobile Internet+, artificial intelligence, and big data cloud information processing to achieve a span of three different network architectures to create a firefighting big data platform and build two actual battles. The application system is the daily fire prevention system and the wartime fire extinguishing system, which breaks the information barriers between the various fire protection business systems, enables the fire information resources to more effectively realize the connection between supply and demand, and promotes the fire protection work mode from traditional to modern, passive to active, and single-oriented integration , The development of artificial intelligence to intelligence.