Sanleng Smart Emergency Big Data Cloud Platform uses new-generation information technologies such as cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and mobile Internet to collect various prevention and control monitoring data, including smoke, gas, electrical, hazardous chemicals, and water systems. And at the same time monitor the status of firefighting facilities, emergency rescue materials, rescue equipment, etc., to ensure timely warning and notification when an accident occurs, ensure that the surrounding materials are sufficient and available when the accident occurs, and at the same time present a picture of emergency rescue through 3D visualization to complete information gathering and rapid display , upload and release, coordinated consultation, special research and judgment, command and dispatch, and auxiliary decision-making functions to realize the intelligent, flat and integrated command and operation of emergency rescue.

The platform includes three major systems: prevention, control and early warning, emergency rescue, and operation management, providing full-cycle emergency management such as monitoring and early warning, linkage processing, emergency command, and daily operations.

Product advantages  

Prevention and control "automation"

Change from decentralized to centralized, and from passive to active, realizing unified monitoring and linkage of equipment.

Rescue command "intelligent"

Intelligent generation of data, intelligent transmission of images, and intelligent application of decision-making to improve the combat level of the team.

"Systematization" of daily management

Turning the zeros into a whole, effectively reduce the overall cost and improve work efficiency.

"Visualization" of emergency data

Avoid tedious data analysis and sorting work, and visualize fire big data.

Smart emergency "integration"

Establish a data center and share information resources.

Team management "refined"

Reduce the work intensity of emergency rescue personnel and improve work efficiency.


◇ With front-end security sensing equipment as the object of the security industry, and around objects, people, organizations, and events as elements, provide a security emergency business system, and support data docking or invocation of the "local emergency management integrated application platform".

◇ Strong practical operability: It can be managed according to different needs, and different management interfaces can be developed. The classification is clearer and the operation is simpler: such as according to application requirements, functional modules, and event management.

◇ Intelligent research and judgment management: Automatically retrieve relevant information according to the type of event and complete preliminary research and judgment analysis, such as: trend analysis, risk analysis, combat force analysis, hazard analysis, etc.

◇ Event dynamic tracking management: Automatic tracking process management according to event classification types, including "pre-event, during-event, and post-event" various information such as combat command, video, personnel, emergency resources, etc. are presented in a "picture".

◇ 3D prevention and control early warning: innovative use of panoramic 3D perspective and virtual reality technology, synchronously presenting data in two dimensions of time and space, complete restoration of event scenes, interactive, displayable, vivid and intuitive simulation of buildings, and a clear understanding of the distribution of dangers .

◇ Publicity and education: through the publicity and education section, publish articles, videos, and live broadcasts of the fire protection supervision department, and use online learning functions to popularize fire protection knowledge to employees or the general public.