With the primary goal of quickly identifying fire hazards and alarming, accurately identifying fire points and quickly extinguishing small and extinguished fires, pioneered an infrared light + visible light dual-channel intelligent diagnosis algorithm, integrated artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and Internet of Things technologies to build multi-source information Integrated AI remote fire warning system.

Remote early warning of fire

The ultra-long-distance lens can monitor the fire point within 15 kilometers.

High accuracy of dual-channel recognition

Infrared light + visible light intelligent algorithm technology, high recognition rate, low false alarm rate, autonomous intelligent learning, initial fire alarm, the system can be linked to fire extinguishing guide bombs to achieve long-distance high-precision fire extinguishing.

24/7 monitoring and fast scanning

Adopting cutting-edge technology, high recognition accuracy, fast scanning speed, and 360° inspection within 20 seconds in all weather.

Strong environmental adaptability

The system is designed with military standards and can adapt to various extreme climates such as extreme cold, extreme heat, extreme humidity, and sandstorms.
Intelligent monitoring  

The system integrates real-time preview, pan-tilt control, latitude and longitude positioning, refined zoom zoom, channel operation status detection, screenshots and video recording functions, and can view the image information status of each comprehensive analysis camera in real time.

Command and Control  

The system displays panoramic maps of mountains and forest farms through three-dimensional maps, and can display animation effects on the map through intelligent analysis of the fire situation, and supports latitude and longitude to locate the fire alarm location and guide individual soldiers to the police scene through road conditions.

Individual soldier module

The system can realize interaction with daily inspection personnel, real-time acquisition and positioning of the position of the patrol personnel through GPS, and retrieval of personnel trajectories and live video through intelligent monitoring and three-dimensional maps.

Forest fire warning

The system supports the query of all alarm information, which can be queried by means of alarm type, alarm time, and alarm status. When you double-click a piece of alarm information, you can associate the alarm picture and alarm video display, and combine the three-dimensional icon to draw the location of the alarm information point and the detailed description of the alarm information.

Forest fire extinguishing bomb

The fire extinguishing missile system has high-precision infrared guidance, and uses the principles of high-precision, medium- and long-range, and low-cost guided rockets to achieve long-range fire extinguishing. In the initial stage of the fire, the fire source can be quickly and effectively extinguished, and it can reach the designated fire source starting position quickly, efficiently and in a short time. Realize the principle of "three early and three strikes" in forest fire fighting, including "early detection", "early dispatch", "early extinguishment", "early fire", "small fire", "fire extinguished".
Integrated drone inspection

The system can realize daily routine inspections of drones, video acquisition and positioning during fires, and remote fire extinguishing. Through intelligent monitoring, three-dimensional maps, it can display drone tracks in mountainous areas and forest farms, play drone video images, and support setting query patrols, check the trajectory. At the same time, it can quickly reach the starting position of the designated fire source in a short time, and launch the mounted fire extinguishing bomb to quickly eliminate the fire source, achieving the purpose of eliminating early and small and quick rescue.
Product advantages

· Fast

Locate the fire point in 10 seconds; complete the deployment in 5 minutes; reach the fire point in 10 minutes.

· Efficient

It has a flight time of 6 hours; a load of 100 kg and a flight time of 20 minutes; it supports multiple aircraft at one station and is equipped with high-performance water-based fire extinguishing bombs.

·  Safety

High degree of automation, high temperature resistance, high protection level; dynamic tracking of the target, the command center fully grasps the information.