The structure monitoring system conducts non-destructive monitoring of the physical and mechanical properties of the structure, monitors the overall behavior of the structure in real time, and diagnoses the location and extent of the damage of the structure; intelligently evaluates the service status, reliability, durability and bearing capacity of the structure. The structure triggers an early warning signal in an emergency or when the use condition is severely abnormal; it provides basis and guidance for the maintenance and management decision-making of the structure.

Sanleng structure monitoring system, including data management system, predictive analysis system, monitoring and early warning system. Different from traditional algorithms that rely on empirical formulas and simplified numerical simulations, the innovative application of big data analysis and artificial neural network technology. By collecting massive amounts of monitoring data and using the powerful nonlinear dynamic processing capabilities of artificial neural networks, advanced and accurate predictions can be achieved. After deep learning, the system can predict the development trend of three days in advance. The system can truly realize 24-hour uninterrupted automatic dynamic monitoring, timely warning and establishment of a digital monitoring and evaluation platform to predict the development trend of the deformation of the measured object in order to prevent problems before they occur.

Sanleng structure monitoring and early warning system, using emerging Internet of Things (IOT), machine learning (ML), big data, cloud computing technology, providing safe, controllable and personalized real-time online monitoring, security prevention, alarm linkage, remote control, Management and service functions such as location tracking, command and dispatch, plan management, remote maintenance, online upgrades, statistical reports, and decision support.

The system adopts the most advanced sensing technology, automatic data acquisition technology, network signal transmission and reception technology, system software development and many other technologies, which can meet the safety monitoring requirements of modern engineering construction such as "automatic, real-time, continuous, wireless, and remote" .

The system adopts artificial neural network technology and the platform has a self-learning function. You only need to input many influencing factors and corresponding results into the artificial neural network, and the system will use the self-learning function to find out the laws hidden in a large amount of data and make advanced predictions. ; Use the feedback and memory analysis performance of the neural network to realize the associative storage function; use the feedback artificial neural network designed for the problem to give play to the high-speed computing power of the computer to realize the ability to find high-speed optimized solutions.

Structural monitoring big data solutions, business involving rail transit, cultural relics and ancient buildings, pipe corridors and highway municipal public facilities, water resources management, underground space development, geotechnical construction management, iron towers, airports, etc., can be targeted at different application environments , provide reliable and effective IoT solutions.