Through the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and other technologies, Sanleng Safety Production Cloud collects all-round safety production data in the production and operation management of the enterprise, forms a safety production big data analysis report, and provides a personalized safety production physical examination report for the enterprise to form a region And the industry safety production situation chart. Through the cloud platform, it gathers safety production service companies to realize the accurate push of information between both parties and provide enterprises with one-stop solutions to safety production problems.


1. Provide the government with security situation analysis as a basis for decision-making;

2. Provide powerful means for government safety production supervision;

3. Provide enterprises with analysis of production safety;

4. Help enterprises to improve safety production level and reduce accident rate;

5. Create a safe demonstration city to ensure the safety of people's lives and property.

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Product Service-Under the Regulations

1. "One company, one file" ledger management, secure data to the cloud

Collecting more than 70 safety production data of enterprises, realizing the cloud storage of safety production data, ledger, records, hidden dangers, rectification and other data, from traditional paper ledger to electronic ledger, real-time viewing and easy to trace.

2. Leave traces of safety in production

By scanning the QR code, every inspection and processing process such as inspection time, inspection content, hidden danger pictures, rectification pictures, etc., are recorded in real time by the platform system, and the process is clear and transparent, leaving traces for processing anytime, anywhere.

3. Standardized management of safe production

Standardize the daily management of the enterprise in terms of safety training and education, implementation of safety responsibilities, approval of hazardous operations, occupational health management, emergency management, risk classification management and control, etc., through the solidification of information software, form a monthly management plan, real-time reminders and alarms, and clarify when and who , What to manage, how to manage, solve the problems of the company's safety management system not being implemented, the main responsibility is not implemented, etc., and realize the standardized management of safety production.

Product Service-Regulated Enterprise

1. Standardization of hidden danger inspection

Customize a standardized inspection plan according to the different conditions of each workshop of the enterprise, and establish an electronic ID card (QR code). During the hidden hazard inspection process, scan the QR code through the Sanleng Safety Production Cloud APP to immediately clarify the workshop production equipment information, the location of the safety facilities, the number of key hidden hazards, the specific inspection standard process, etc., so that the inspection is more clear and in place, and resolved Problems such as unfamiliar business operations, inability to inspect, and improper inspections

2. Intelligent management of hazardous chemicals

Face recognition, intelligent weighing, and full life cycle management of hazardous chemicals

3. Safety management of production equipment

Combined with the Internet of Things technology, the cloud platform can collect and analyze data such as voltage, current, temperature, rotation speed, and operating time of production equipment in real time, and alarm for abnormalities. It can automatically shut down the equipment when necessary to achieve early prevention of potential safety hazards. Through behavior recognition technology, the cloud platform can realize dangerous behavior alarms in areas with high risk of human operation, and automatically shut down equipment when necessary.

4. Real-time reminder of to-do items

5. Provide real-time reminders for the work that needs to be completed monthly, quarterly, and annually in the safety production management of the enterprise, including hidden danger rectification, equipment annual inspection, employee training, etc.

Product advantages  

◎ One-stop solution for production safety: Solve the problem of the last mile of production safety;

◎ From planarization to visualization and digitization: realize the digitization of safety production information;

◎ Initiative and enthusiasm: improve the safety awareness of all employees;

◎ Convenient and fast: convenient production safety management;

◎ Efficient and accurate: Improve the accuracy of safety production management.

Sanleng Safety Production Cloud makes safety production visible and traceable in real time; we hand over complex safety production processes to the platform through technical means to ensure safe production; we make safety production monitoring more intelligent and early warning of hidden accidents; we make safety production analysis more accurate, and make safety production management resource allocation more refined.