Large and medium-sized hazardous chemical enterprises have complex production processes, and there are a large number of flammable, explosive, toxic and hazardous substances, and many major sources of danger have been formed in the process of production, storage, transportation, and use. If the supervision of these major hazards is not in place, it is easy to cause accidents such as fires and explosions, and the consequences of the accident are very serious, causing great economic losses to the enterprise.

Sanleng online monitoring and early warning system for major hazard sources installs various sensors and video monitoring equipment in the hazard sources (or key hidden hazards), collects data from various instruments and meters through the network, and realizes real-time leakage of hazardous gases/hazardous substances in the plant Monitoring and data are uniformly intelligently analyzed and processed by the back-end software. When the critical point of the alarm is reached, the system will remind the staff on duty to carry out early warning processing and hidden danger investigation by means of sound and light, shaking screen, text message, and broadcasting. On-duty personnel can view on-site linkage videos to grasp the on-site safety production status of hazards in real time, conduct decision-making analysis, ensure the safety of personnel and property of the enterprise, reduce the probability of dangerous accidents of the enterprise, improve the economic benefits of the enterprise, and achieve the goal of safe production of the enterprise .网站1.jpg

Technical framework


Hazard data collection


Major hazard files


Investigation of hidden dangers    


Environmental monitoring

There are a large number of flammable, explosive, and toxic chemical hazardous substances in chemical park enterprises. The leakage of these substances often leads to accidents such as fires, explosions, and personnel poisoning. According to weather conditions (temperature, air pressure, wind direction, wind speed), media type, and leakage The model algorithm deduces parameters such as quantity, which can predict the spatial diffusion trend of hazardous chemicals over time. Based on the display of the geographic information system, it provides decision support for the rapid blockade of the explosion site, the division of warning areas, and the organization of personnel evacuation. Meteorological monitoring: Miniature meteorological monitoring stations will be built in key locations in the park. The main monitoring objects are 6 elements: wind direction, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity, and rainfall.

Emergency Command      

Realize the comprehensive display of various key data of the core system of the chemical park operation, support daily operation monitoring and management from multiple dimensions such as park infrastructure, park transportation, industrial analysis and management, and emergency command and dispatch management under emergencies, Provide users with an intelligent command and management center integrating park production, park operations, and park decision-making. Based on a three-dimensional emergency command GIS map, it displays intuitive and real-time on-site conditions and provides data support for decision makers' command and dispatch.