The command center integrates information integration, intelligence research and judgment, decision-making staff, command and dispatch, social joint operations to assist major accidents, and organization of major special operations.

Sanleng provides comprehensive design and construction services for city-level command centers. Various commissions, offices, bureaus, such as agriculture, environmental protection, transportation, urban management and other information can be displayed and monitored in a centralized manner, which has a good display effect.

Highway System Command and Dispatch Center

Real-time monitoring of regional expressway traffic conditions, timely command and dispatch to deal with bad weather, traffic accidents and various emergencies, and rapid and accurate deployment and control of suspected illegal and criminal vehicles.

Public Safety Command Center

The distributed control structure of the network is adopted, and the four-level units of the province, the city (prefecture) bureau, the county (district) branch, the police station, and some on-site monitoring points are connected through the public security network to strengthen the visual monitoring of key areas and key places. Manage and control on-site information, effectively combat crime, and ensure the safety of people’s lives and property and social stability.

Electric Power Command and Dispatch Center

Quickly deal with emergencies, minimize the loss caused by power supply interruption, quickly repair faulty equipment or lines, and restore power production and operation to normal.