"Sharpening Project" is a public security prevention and control project with comprehensive management centers at the county, township, and village levels as the command platform, supported by comprehensive management information, based on grid management, and focused on the application of public security video surveillance networking. It extends public security prevention measures to the masses through the construction of a three-level comprehensive management center, mobilizes social forces and the general public to jointly monitor video surveillance and participate in public security prevention, so as to truly achieve "full coverage and no dead ends" in public security prevention and control. Because "the eyes of the masses are sharp", it is called the "sharpening project".

Features and advantages

● Quick access to social resources;

● Video cloud solves massive resource sharing;

● Video analysis center and smart applications;

● In-depth comprehensive management of business applications;

● Video Huimin release new mechanism;

● Intelligent operation and maintenance, realizing a new mode of operation and maintenance.

Sanleng’s “Sharpening Project” solution strengthens and innovates social governance. Through the visual and intelligent management of comprehensive governance work, it achieves prediction, early warning, and prevention effects, and provides powerful means for the construction of the social security prevention and control system under the new situation, and weaving a net to protect the safety of the people.